Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Last WIP Wednesday in January

I find myself feeling a bit stressed about wanting to get all of my January goals done and then I get annoyed with myself for feeling stressed over my fun hobby! Does anyone else go through this cycle?

I would consider myself a "reformed" Type A person. When I was younger I was certain I could do it all and worked myself into an abyss trying. Now that I'm older (and I think wiser) I try to set goals and make lists to help me focus but in the back of my mind there is still a remnant of that "do it all" me.

Without goals I tend to drift about, but they are also a bit work-like which I don't care for. It's all about balance isn't it? And, if they don't get done, there is always next month and a fresh start. No harm, no foul! Maybe if I keep telling myself that enough it will finally sink in.

What's Hot:

Christmas Stretched Stars is quilted and ready for binding. I'm thrilled with how this looks!  I used gold thread and grid quilted each block, I'll post some close ups when it's finished.

My FMQ loops might be Ready for Prime Time I'm thinking. If I set my Juki speed on the middle notch (between rabbit and turtle) I am able to get into a nice rhythm with meandering loops. What do you think?
I'm ready to quilt my Valentine's Day table runner. My first thought was to outline stitch the hearts and then channel stitch the border, but now I'm kind of leaning toward some gentle walking foot waves or randomly spaced lines across the width.

What's Not:

I don't know what my deal is with these stockings! In December I practically forced myself to get this one done. It's not that I don't like it, because I do and it matches my family room decor perfectly. It's not because it's hard... I just don't know anything other than the fact I do NOT want to work on the next three. Hmphh~!
What's New:

The Triple-Zip Along got underway on Monday. These are my fabric choices and I'll be getting started on it after I quilt the Valentine's Day runner. This is will be my January NewFo for Barbara's challenge at Cat Patches.
I also need to do this month's block for And Sew On. It looks easy so should knock that out today minus the embroidery to create a tape measure since I miffed on ordering fabric for it.

I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday@Freshly Pieced.


  1. Oh yes us type A's are really hard on ourselves. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy my quilting and not get caught up in the time it takes to complete each project. Keep calm and quilt on!

    Happy Sewing

  2. Enjoyed seeing all your WIP! I luv to make zip pouches so I may check out the Triple Zip Along. They are so fun to make using up stash.
    I haven't seen that "Keep Calm" sewing fabric. too cute.

  3. Yes, yes! Sometimes I just want to see things finished and I push so hard that it seems like work. I'm pretty slow anyway so that doesn't help matters. Your FMQ loops look great! I'm anxious to try FMQ on my new machine.

  4. That is the speed setting I use on my Juki and all is well....not too fast as to lose control and not too slow so the loops don't form smoothly. Very nice! When you enter "blog-land" it's hard not to get caught up in the "finishes" that seem to be everywhere. You're right.....relax and enjoy this wonderful hobby/art called "quilting"....hugs, Doreen

  5. You have some great projects here! Love the stretched stars and your quilting is very well done!

  6. Deb, I feel you on getting stressed about projects and getting things done. I promised myself this year that I was not going to do that, but simply enjoy the process. No deadlines, no stress, just enjoying jumping from project to project whether it's done or not. I am happy to say that it's making the month so much more enjoyable.


  7. You're right about relaxing in relationship to hobbies! It's so hard sometimes. I pushed myself to get a second quilt done by the end of January (which, as I type this is two hours fifteen minutes away)and I cut and prepared the binding today which sounds like I was close. But the more I look at the unbound quilt, the more I think that the top isn't pulled tight enough; meaning that I will have to unpick all the quilting on a (small) twin bed quilt. I'm trying to convince my self that it will be okay as it is but I'm not convinced, so just hours from finishing, I stalled! I'm going to take it to class with me on Monday and see what my teacher thinks before I start ripping out all those thousands of stitches!

    Anyway, relax, your life doesn't depend on your quilting!

  8. lol I know what you mean, I wanted to finish curtains for my sewing room so bad ,after trying for 3 yeasr lol! that I made myself stay in the sewing room till 2am lol! the stocking looks great! love the keep calm fabric!

  9. Your table runners are wonderful. I love your stocking too. I know how you feel. I have guilt in this stocking area. I made a new stocking for everyone Nov 2011 except one of my three daughters. That was 6 sox in all. I just can't get myself to make her stocking. A yr has past and I am still stalling. I did the unthinkable and bought her a new stocking at JoAnn Fabrics in 2011 and promised her stocking would get done. Why? I have no idea or a good reason why. I made her a Halloween and a Christmas wall hanging this yr and again put the fabric aside when it comes to that stocking. Do I need a Quilting Shrink? Who knows!

  10. Great projects and I want to make the triple zipper pouch too! I seem to be the type that throws myself fully into whatever job or hobby I have so I understand what you are saying about trying to get it all done.....which doesn't always happen.

  11. I LOVE your fabric choices for the 3ZPA! Your FMQ looks great--just jump right in!


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