Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello 2013!

My word for 2013 is Finish. My entire life I have had problems finishing things. I have UFOs from every craft I've ever tried. I have partially sorted piles of paperwork, books partially read, a partially painted bathroom... you get the picture!
The progress I've made in the last 3 months of teaching myself to finish quilting projects gives me hope that I can keep that up and start to widen my scope to the rest of my life. Small steps that will give big results - peace of mind, less clutter, more energy and greater creativity.

I do love making New Years Resolutions! I'll be blogging about my quilting resolutions which are pretty straightforward. I won't be bothering you with the rest of them - but I may post occasionally about them. My quilting resolutions/goals are as follows:

1.  Finish a UFO a week.
2.  Learn to FMQ.

I'm going to break 2013 down into quarters and set goals for each. I've set up a new page called Q1 2013 UFO Progress and I'm not going to repeat them here. I'll be blogging about each one and using the page to update my progress like I did with the 100 Day Hustle Goals in the fall. That approach really worked for me, I love having one place I can go to see what I need to do next and soak up the good feelings associated with finishing things!  Each time I updated it I was motivated to do more.

Tomorrow I'll be posting about some of the new buttons on my sidebar. Since this is my 1st January of blogging I am amazed by all of the QALs, Yearly Challenges, BOMs and other quilty fun I'm being tempted with reading about in BlogLand. Of course I'm all over anything related to UFOs... but I've also found a few things to take part in that should not detract from the main thing - FINISH.

This is what I've got my sights on in January. You can see pictures of these UFOs on my Q1 2013 UFO Progress page if you are interested.

January Quilt To-Do List
1-Finish Stretched Stars Table Runner
2-Finish stockings 2,3 & 4
3-Bind Shabby Florals Lap Quilt
4-Bind Shabby Heart Lap Quilt
5-Bind Minnesota Ladyslipper Wall Quilt
6-Finish 2 Project Linus Quilts
7-Finish Valentine’s Day Table Runner
8-Finish Craftsy FMQ Class
9-Do 10 FMQ Practice Sessions (1/2 hr)
10-FMQ 1 Project Linus Top

I'm looking for opinions on which fabric to bind my Minnesota Ladyslipper wall quilt with. I've got enough of either the border ladyslipper print or the dark green that I used for the inner border. Which would you choose?


  1. Either material would make a great finish to your beautiful quilt. The darker one will make more of a frame from your outer border. I think I would choose that one first. The other is pretty but I think it may make your border seem to float.

  2. Welcome aboard Deb!! Good luck on your finishes for January!

    Your border is a tough call... I don't know if I would want both dark green frames... Might make it look a little 3-d"ish".. How about binding it in the lady slipper print but add a 1/4" flange inside the binding with the dark green...

  3. I think I would bind it with the last border print...your frame will stand out that way, but both options will work on your gorgeous quilt. Good luck with your resolutions...I have enough UFOs so will just continue to sew on them and start new projects as the mood hits!

  4. I think I would also go with the dark green for a binding. Great idea to do a breakdown of your goals. I am working on something like that because I have so much I want to make.

  5. Without a doubt the dark green. That will frame everything in nicely. Love your tabs at the top. Can you refer me to a tutorial on how to do this?

  6. I'd go with the floral border. It will keep the dark green border standing out as it does not. Another dark green border on the edge would box in the ladyslipper print. Or if you want to buy more fabric, I'd also consider putting a pink binding on that gorgeous quilt!

  7. Awwh yes finishing projects would be nice. Good luck on all your goals and it sounds like your have a lot of projects in the works :)

  8. Wow, a UFO a week is an ambitious goal! I will be cheering you on! I think the floral border would be great.

  9. I really like your word - I hope it serves you well throughout the year. I like how you have organized things - in qtrs and with a new page.

  10. I think the dark green would give a good frame to bind your quilt.

  11. Dark green. Good luck with your January goals. It's an ambitious list! My word is Let Go. Yeah, I know it's two words, but release just didn't work. =)

  12. I, too, was never, ever a finisher, in anything. I've changed that in the last 5 years, now that I've lived several decades. lol!! First I finally finished a degree - took me forever to get that BA finished. And this past year and a half I've become a finisher in quilting, too. It feels so good. Still a huge, HUGE list of projects to finish, but it'll get there!

  13. I finish things. It just takes years. LOL. Great word for the year.

  14. Tomorrow is show off day... Make a new post on your blog tomorrow or update this one to show what you accomplished off of your Monthly To-Do List. We will all come over and cheer for you!


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