UFO Collection

Here are my current UFOs listed in stages starting with closest to the Finish Line and a few groupings that match up to where I'm storing them or how I group them in my mind.
  • If the quilt is from a book, pattern or swap I've included it in the photo caption.
  • The UFOs shown in large pictures are on my Q1 Goals and are updated HERE.
  • When a UFO is finished it is deleted from this page and moved to Finished Quilts 2015.
There are currently 42 projects in my UFO Collection. 

Ready to Quilt (10):
Memory Garden from "Patchwork Showcase" by Nancy Mahoney
Warm 16 Patches (updated 1/15/14)
Christmas Strings (updated 12/23/13)
Scrappy Strip Stacks
Crossroads 1 (updated 1/23)
Crossroads 2 (updated 1/23)
Crossroads 3 (updated 1/23)

Strip Stacks in Blue & Brown (updated 2/9)
Path and Stiles in Thimbleberries - Yahoo! Group Swap (updated 2/15)
Picnic in Serenade from Scrap-Basket Sensations by Kim Brackett (updated 4/20)
Need Borders (4):
Started with a Moda "Vienna" 4" Charm Pack

Charming Snowmen - Charms from HGTV Quilting Forum Swap
Ready to Applique (1):
Watercolor from kit - has an applique flower to be added
Paper Pieced Blocks (3):
Free Project Linus Pattern from Quiltmaker.com
Free Project Linus Pattern from Quiltmaker.com
Easy Spider Web from Quilter's Cache
String Blocks (2):
From  HGTV Quilting Forum Swap - 30's prints
From HGTV Quilting Forum Swap
"Quilts from the Heart" by Karin Renaud (2):
Snowball or Rainbow Lattice
Unequal Irish Chain
Nickel Quilt Series by Pat Speth (4):
Sunny Lanes (my current Leader Ender project - updated 2/16)

Jewel Box in Christmas prints
Pinwheels on Parade in Batiks
Stars Over Mitford in Civil War prints
From Books or Patterns (9):
Scrappy Lattice (cover quilt) from "Focus on Florals" by Terry Martin
Weed Whacker from Quiltville.com (Free Pattern)
Autumn Ridge from "Days to Remember" by Teri Christopherson/Black Mountain Quilts
Road to Oklahoma from "Open a Can of Worms" by Debbie Caffrey (updated 1/15)

Falling for Modern Maples
No Published Pattern (7):
Birds in the Air Blocks from RSC13 to Make 3 Tops
5" Remnants - Leader/Enders
Top Row - Chevron HSTs from RSC14
Bottom Rows - 6" Sampler blocks from RSC14


  1. Wow, nice job on assembling your UFO tab! I need to work on mine some more...and thanks for stopping by my blog! I enjoyed visiting here.

  2. Love the parade. It makes me feel better about my long list. It's fun to look at the fabrics and think about which ones I still have in my stash.

  3. Thanks for sharing your list. I have found two books I want to order and a pattern I want to try. Adding to my bucket list of quilts.

  4. I need to make a UFO tab. My wife stacked up 6 basted quilts on my table the other day and told me to quilt them before I made another top. I am in the mood to make another top though and not quilt. Hum such a world I live in.

  5. Just toured your UFO's. You have an amazing eye for putting together color! LOVE LOVE LOVE that no published pattern burgundy purples oranges yellows. Wow! All of them! Wow! Drooling! Thanks for the creativity jumpstart today!

  6. Love how you have this organized. I would like to get a better understanding of the how to design my own blog.

  7. I love this idea. I think it is time to add some of these to my blog - with your permission, of course. I will write a post saying you were my inspiration.

  8. OHHH, JOY! I am glad I clicked on this tab -- I feel enormously better! I will stop in from time to time to see how it is going for you, and for pure inspiration! Happy holidays!

  9. Wow! So many striking quilting projects beautiful colours and so neatly displayed! :)

  10. So many gorgeous projects! And what a great idea to list them all like that so that you can egg yourself on to finish a few. It would act as a reminder for me too.

  11. Love all your UFOs. You have a great selection to work from. What book is the chevron log cabin in? Are the blocks shown for that quilt?


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