Friday, December 19, 2014

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Just a quick note as I'm ticking off my last minute list... every 3 years we are lucky enough to spend our Christmas in Kauai and THIS is THAT year!
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Daughter Megan and fiance Chris flew out yesterday, son Micah traveled from Rochester, NY to Minneapolis this morning and is spending the day with my sister. Tom and I will drive down after school tonight, pick up Micah and fly to Kauai tomorrow.

Thanks so much for all of your kind comments regarding Tucker and my Mom. Her prognosis reports continue to come back very positive and we couldn't be happier. Elsa is spending 2 weeks with her Grandma & Grandpa while we are gone so that should work out fine. And time with the kids will be the best medicine of all for me!

I'm getting excited about 2015 and looking forward to getting back into quilting mode and of course blogging too. I don't foresee a year like this one turned out to be again. See you all in January...

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Our Sweet Tucker

Life continues outside of my quilting room and the last couple of weeks have been a bit rough. My Mom has been having some health issues and although we are grateful that they have been caught early it is still stressful to have lots of Dr. visits and information to process. She has outpatient surgery tomorrow and I will be spending the night because we head in to have stitches removed from last weeks procedure the following morning. I think she is MORE than ready to be done with this and will have a break before followup treatments start in January.

Tucker became very ill a few days before Thanksgiving and after a week of treatment that he didn't fully respond to we decided to put him down a week ago today. It is always a difficult decision when they are in pain. This picture is from a few years back when I was still sewing in our guest room but it is my favorite picture of him. It shows off his gorgeous eyes. Oh, Tucker...

He loved to keep me company while I sewed and was my quiet companion. The other cats he has shared our home with tended to be the dominant cat in the household and Tucker was content to observe life in a passive way. Even though he preferred the male members of our family he would sit on my lap when it was just the two of us and would hop down before anyone else came into the room. Like it was our little secret!

Elsa knew something was wrong with him and would often lay outside the laundry room door. She would poke her head in if the door was open but would rarely come in. I think she misses him and has been very clingy with me the last week. This picture was taken a few days before he got sick. I had gone downstairs to start another load of laundry and was surprised to see this on my return.

So, no sewing is happening. That remains the same.