Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cat Antics Part 1

My daughter and grand cats were home for just over a week and we had a wonderful time. Her boyfriend had to go back to work after the 1st, came back the following weekend and they were also home the weekend before Christmas (minus the cats) so we had a fun extended holiday.  

Meet Jax and J-Meow! Jax is about 9 months old and J-Meow is 2. They indulge in wrestling matches on a regular basis and are full of zip and pip. Tucker likes to watch them romp from a distance but doesn't really appreciate their enthusiastic efforts to get him to join their play.
I started taking the breakable ornaments off our Christmas tree the night before they arrived and decided on a hunch to go ahead and take the whole tree down. Good call... as the next day while my daughter, her boyfriend and my husband were at the Vikings game I heard a CRASH.  

I left my quilt room and met my son running upstairs to find this shelf unit face first on the floor. All 3 cats were on the sofa in the living room looking spooked. 
I didn't think to take pictures right away, but this floral arrangement from my mother in law had been on the top shelf. I had put it in my quilt room overnight for safe keeping and should have left it there! Total catnip in a pretty package...
Here are the remains of my Christmas tea pot collection! A few with minor issues and the others are in a box. I'll try gluing them but most likely they will become a beautiful mosaic project.
Soon the J-cats couldn't resist inspecting my clean-up effort.
We hosted my parents on New Years Day so I moved some dining chairs into the living room which also required cat approval. J-Meow is checking in with Tucker while Jax looks confused.
Here is my husband Tom having a snuggle with Jax.
And, here is the scene shortly before that pic. "This is MY Dad and MY treat" says Tucker.
Later on, a slumber party in my son's bed. Tucker looks a bit uncertain about this arrangement.

I'll post Part 2 next week.  Enjoy your Saturday!


  1. Aw, too bad about the teapots. I bet it's hard to be mad at the cats for too long though.

  2. They are so cute. The most cats I've had at one time was 12 and only two were allowed in the house sometimes. I would cry if I had teapots as pretty as those all smashed.

  3. Bummer about the teapots - They look so friendly, though!

  4. Sorry about the teapots and the flowers.....we can't put anything on our coffee table....the cats immediately push it off and I've learned to lay out my quilts on the floor in the afternoon.....during their naptime. They are cuties!

  5. What a shame about the teapots. Kitties are so full of mischief. At the more mature age of 11 our cat is finally leaving our Christmas tree alone. He took it down more than once when he was younger though.

  6. Oh poor teapot collection! We have two cats and they are ornery. You never know when they are going to get a burst of energy and chase each other through the house. I'm glad you had a good visit despite the excitement :)

  7. Deb, I am really sorry about your misadventure. We don't have cats, my husband is highly allergic. Have two small dogs. But soon I will be rearranging the house, have one grand-baby that will be 3 months on Wed and another on on the way. Thanks for looking at my blog. Hopefully with stimulation from people in these groups, I'll keep on track.

  8. Love the kitty pictures. Sorry about teh teapot collection. I have cleaned up and glued after a few feline frolics myself. My daughter has a pretty striped kitty that is about 7 months old that looks just like Jax. When we sit for the grandkitty, our 2 year old recent rescue cat loves the run and tumble. Our 12 year old cat, like Tucker, is not too sure she likes the arrangement either. My daughter and her guy also have a 40 lbs puppy, who also stayed with us while the kiddos played on New Year's Eve. That was very interesting. We finally had to bed big puppy down in her crate to protect her from the cats for the night ... ;) Pat

  9. Oh my goodness Jax and J-Meow are HILARIOUS. You can tell that they *think* they have taken over the house! And Tucker doesn't know what hit him. So funny!!

    Sorry about the teapot casualties. :\

    Neighbors About Town Blog

  10. Oh, so sad about your teapots. At least you might be able to use the pieces in another project. As I started to read your post I thought the tabbies looked guilty and they certainly were at some point.

  11. Oh, your lovely teapots! They would have gotten a stern time-out in my house for that deed. Yes, cat proofing a home is like child-proofing!

  12. I'm so sorry about your teapots! I had a fake tree in my living room I had to get rid of because my cats kept trying to climb it.


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