Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Walking Foot Quilting with Juki

If a Quilting Genie were to appear and magically complete one step of your quilting project what would you choose?

1.  Cutting
2.  Piecing
3.  Assembling Blocks into a Top
4.  Making the Quilt Sandwich
5.  Quilting
6.  Binding

For years my answer was everything after 3 and THAT is how you end up with 94 UFOs my friends! But now I'm down to one choice - 4. Making the Quilt Sandwich would be my Quilting Genie's job. Making backings, cutting batting and basting are my least favorite parts of quilt making. By a Minnesota mile.

Yesterday I was excited to do some walking foot quilting with my new Juki. I pulled a Warm Wishes UFO from the Collection and laid it out on my table hoping the Quilting Genie would give it a good press. Aren't those ballerinas adorable? I do believe they are cats, but I'm open to persuasion.
I left out some batting chunks for him to piece together... along with my husband's work shirts to iron while he was at it (might as well dream big!).
Sadly, he didn't appear. I of course opened a new bag of batting because I was in a hurry to get to this.

Be still my heart! I am quilting the last seam on the left side of my quilt (granted, it's a crib size) but look at all of that beautiful room! My quilt is not even touching the side OR the top. Woo! Double Woo!

My favorite part of quilting is piecing. Always has been! I love seeing blocks come together, playing with fabrics and colors and improving my skills. One of the reasons I love scrappy quilts is because each block is different. I tend to get bored with doing the same block/same fabrics over and over.

Next would be binding (surprise!). I have grown to love sewing down bindings by hand and I'm comfortable doing them by machine too. And, when you are to the binding stage a FINISH is near! Who doesn't love that?

Quilting, assembling the blocks into a top and cutting are my middle ground - not crazy about but don't dread either. I still have a lot to learn about quilting, but the fact that I don't fear it anymore is a big step forward. I'm kind of very pokey when it comes to laying out blocks for scrappy quilts, it bugs me when similar colors or fabrics are too close and so I need a few days to rearrange and assess before I start assembling them. I find I enjoy cutting once I get started... but I don't really look forward to it!

What task would you gladly hand off to your Quilting Genie? What's your favorite part of quilting? I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday@Freshly Pieced.


  1. I would like my quilting genie to bind the quilts. I haven't found a machine method I like and I'm too impatient with the time it takes to do it by hand. But the fact that it IS the last stretch to a finished quilt helps.

  2. My favorite parts are picking the project - colors, patterns, etc - and then figuring out how.

    I started a long arm quilting business for people must like you...that is why it is called Tops to Treasures.

  3. Oh I loathe making the quilt back and the quilt sandwich. I wish I could convince my DH or niece that they love doing it. So far that has not happened!

  4. At first I thought bears but they look like cats or even owls up close. I wish the quilt gnomes would do the binding.

  5. The Quilting Genie could do all the bindings he desired. That is my least favorite task!

  6. I go through stages and dislike different things at different times. I used to hate binding but then became encouraged to change my attitude, to see it as a lovely way to finish off a quilt. Then I hated to make quilt backs - I could never quite get them straight or the right size. Then I watched "Creative Quilt Backs" on Craftsy and found out it is simple math. Now I don't mind making backs at all and have made some very pretty pieced ones. Right now I'd like the Quilting Genie to come over and help me choose quilting designs to quilt on my quilts. I can do the quilting myself but just don't know what will look good. Help, Quilting Genie!

  7. Hi Deb! I really really dislike the quilt sandwich! I have a queen size quilt that needs to be done...and it will be this weekend, just to get it off my plate. By the way, I have nominated you for a Liebster award. You can check it out at Looking forward to your answers!

  8. It's great to see what you're doing with your new Juki! I'm thinking of getting the very same machine--what do you think of yours thus far?

    I'd love my quilt genie to do my quilt sandwiches for me! If he wants to hand finish my bindings for me, that would be great as well.

  9. Oooo, we have so much in common! Making a quilt sandwich is definitely my least favourite part. I have to put a quilt together today and I'm not looking forward to it.

    I, too, get bored repeating the same block in the same fabrics -- strangely enough though, I don't like sampler quilts very much. So, of course, the solution is scrappy quilts - same block, different fabrics!

  10. Okay, I think you are having waaay too much fun with your new machine! 94 UFOs.....oh my gosh! I think..cough..I have just a few less than you :) Making the quilt sandwich is my least favorite part and the is their favorite!

  11. Yay!!! :D So happy for to get into this new stage. It really does make a difference having good tools for the jobs, doesn't it? So glad your Juki is working out so well.

  12. I think #4 is the universal answer - we had a sandwich party and it's so much more fun with friends. It's true I just mentally hit the wall when it comes to getting that step out of the way. I don't mind cutting when I'm in the mood and I'm always exciting to hand stitch down the binding. do you think you'll hit triple digits on your UFOs?

  13. Believe it or not, #5. Followed by #4, but only the actual sandwiching and basting part, because it means I have to (a) mop my kitchen floor first, and then (b) crawl around on it for an hour on my hands and knees.

    Glad to hear you are loving your Juki!

  14. I see you followed "31 Days of Walking Foot Quilting". I did, too. So many great ideas : )
    Very nice sewing machine. Quilt, too.

  15. I would absolutely have the genie square up my finished (and quilted) quilts. that's the step I hate the most. Basting would be a close second. I love the actual quilting even if it is a challenge sometimes.

    I see you have a (fabulous) Juki! That's my dream machine, I have a Juki TL98E - which is just about the same as yours. How has your walking foot been? I broke mine on the first try sewing with it -- the walking foot didn't like going full speed (and I don't like going slower). hehe. :) Good luck finishing all your projects! :)

  16. Happy new sewing machine! I am not fussed with assembling the top!

  17. Looks like the new Juki is a dream machine! I'm with you, I despise making the sandwich :-p


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