Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Back to Normal Life

First, a followup to my post from yesterday... I'm going to be stalking my driveway today!  No lolling about in my PJs.
My daughter, her boyfriend and the grand cats left to return to college life yesterday. We celebrated the 17th birthday of our son last night which marked the end of our holiday activities. I think he has eaten pizza on every birthday since he stopped eating Gerber!

Last night I was feeling a bit melancholy but also looking forward to getting back to a routine of sorts. I must confess that my main guilty pleasure is how much I love having my days to myself. It's not that I am anti-social or dislike my family, I just really need time to myself or I get out of sorts. Our son is very much like me in that way. My husband is always on the go and so is our daughter, it's always been kind of nice to have a matched set so to speak.
I've finally settled on my blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Realizing that I could should will deplete my supply of Project Linus tops during the year I want to make blocks that I can use for that purpose. And, since I'm in total UFO mode which means my scrap generation is minimal I want to use my collection of 5" charms and 2.5" strips on white background.

With my charms I'm going to use Nicole's tutorial at mama love quilts to make "Birds in the Air" blocks.  I love HSTs and she has some great potential layouts posted that you should check out.
With my strips I'm going to use this free Threadbias block called "Crossroads" that I found at A Quilt and a Prayer. I love the chain effect this block creates.
I am admittedly a mess about organizing some things, but my charms and strings are borderline anal! Did you know that Sterilite Totes are the perfect size to store a LOT of charms? I started with a 6 drawer unit for my strips and then expanded into the Iris plastic boxes.

I used to take part in monthly nickel & noodle swaps and also hosted one on the HGTV Board for a few years. I just LOVE using pre cuts and this was before Moda started mass producing them. Mine are sorted by theme (Christmas, batik, florals, shabbies, Thimbleberries, Autumn, CW, 30's etc.) or by color. This makes it easy to pull scrappy binding strips for my Project Linus quilts or quickly start new UFOs projects.
I need to cut a length of white off the bolt I ordered from JoAnn's with a coupon and get it into the wash so I'll be primed for some test piecing when my lovely Fed Ex truck arrives!  Happy Dance...
I'm linking up to Scrap Happy Saturday@soscrappy and Freemotion by the River.


  1. Ooh, your crafty closet looks purdy. :) I really need to get better storage for mine. Right now I don't have enough fabric for it to be a problem, but I have a feeling I'm going to keep amassing it rather quickly.

    Thanks for the link to that tutorial. I love that block as well and have recently falled in love with HST, although I tend to cut mine bigger and then have a little bit of waste when I cut the squares down to the right size.

  2. I love seeing how organized you are with scraps. I have been trying to do something similar with mine as well for the last year. I have clear plastic containers of pieces cut from scraps: charms in one, 2.5 and 3.5 in another, and postage stamps in the last one. But then there is the overflowing basket with the majority of the strings and other odd scraps still waiting for a purpose. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Love how you have everything so tidy. Are those strips all the same length (folded in 1/4th)? Have fun power stitchings

  4. Wow, you are really well organized! Good luck getting some of those fabrics into quilts this year.

  5. I hear you on needing time to yourself - I think that's the introverts way of recharging... I like it very much when people leave me alone with my craft supplies for a while!

  6. I like to spend time with myself also. But I think you are way too organized for me ;-). I know my sewing room will never look like that. So, I won't even try.

    I had to laugh when I ready your daughter, boyfriend and...went back to college. I thought at first you were talking about YOUR boyfriend who was going back to college and I thought WOW.

  7. Maybe the FedEx man has arrived by now? You are certainly ready for your new toy! Love how well you have organized your fabrics. Great job!

  8. Wow, such orginization! Love it.

    Hope the pizza was yummy. My 17 yr old celebrated his birthday with Chinese take out.

  9. Great blocks - they will make wonderful quilts!

  10. My goodness girl!!! Love all those wonderful little pieces of fabric - heaven :*) So glad someone else will be doing Crossroads - we can compare and see how fabrics play with this cool pattern. Love your Birds in the Air blocks too. I'm thinking of making up a lot of half-square-triangle blocks out of what is left of my scraps after making the main blocks. I have no idea what I will make with them, but that's half the fun!

  11. Beautiful blocks Deb and wow!!!! Love your storage containers....and what is in them! Very organized. I am a lot like you.....love my time alone with a set routine, it is funny because my grandson is a lot like me....which drives my people person daughter crazy. Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  12. I hope you delivery gets there soon! Or maybe it's already arrived? I have mixed feelings about everyone going back to school and settling back into a routine again. Your Crossroad blocks are amazing!! The colors are lovely :-)

  13. Wow what great organization and great pink variety. Can't wait to see everything together.

  14. So organized! I had fun with the BITA blocks last year. They do make a wonderful looking quilt.

  15. Thanks for the pictures! Wow! Love all those beautiful strips and squares! I really, really would love to be that organized! Inspiration!!


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