Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cat Antics: The Finale

My household loves The Far Side! Little Jax got "tutored" during his visit in early January. Our vet is much cheaper than the vet where my daughter goes to college and we thought it would be a good idea to have lots of us around to love and cuddle him when he came home. Here he is taking a snooze next to the kitty toy bowl. When they visit that bowl gets emptied a couple times a day, the J-cats do love toys!
More nap time.
Tucker seems relaxed too with only one cat to watch out for!
J-Meow lived with us for a year while our daughter had a not pet-friendly landlord. During that time our seal point Siamese Simon was still with us. J-Meow had a thing about Simon. He loved to touch him! It was so funny, he would wait until Simon was asleep and then he would slowly inch over until he could reach out a paw like this.
When he really got brave (or Simon was really tired) there would be close snuggles.
J-Meow and Tucker didn't have much to do with each other then and they still don't. Jax tries hard to get Tucker to play, I think J-Meow knows not to waste his time! And, now he has Jax to tumble around with.

I gave my son a daily cat desk calendar for a stocking stuffer. We both got a good laugh from this!
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  1. Your post made me laugh so much - beautiful cats!

  2. That doggie gone for tutoring photo is hilarious! Great way to start your post!

    Your kitties are so cute! We don't have cats but I love to watch videos of their actions and see posts like yours. :)

    Thank you for linking your blog to my Its A Saturday Sharing Day linky party.

  3. Hi!!! Thanks for the laughter!!! Very sweet kitties!!! Love them!!!

  4. cute. Pics of animals always make me smile. Thanks for my smile and thanks for sharing.

  5. Great post! and very funny!!!! LOL!

  6. I love cat antics. My boys love each other and are very smoochy, but my old cat (who was an only cat for most of his life) had no time at all for a kitten. These two are pretty close in age and are good friends.

  7. I wonder why so many of the crafters I know, both in "real" life and over the interwebs, have cats?

  8. Thanks for your cats, they do put smiles on faces. Kathleen

  9. I've gotten a good laugh from your post. The kitties look very happy!!

  10. >^..^< purrrfect post. My kitties send their love. >^..^<.

  11. The holding paws photo is touching (and NO pun was intended!). Thanks for bringing the crew to Feline Friday again :)


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