Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WIP Wednesday

It's been quite awhile since I've done a WIP post... in May I seemed to get out of synch with so much going on and I'm still trying to get back into a routine of some sort. Hopefully getting my biggest WIP done this week will help me get back on track!

Goodbye to this:
and Hello to this:
My husband and son are spending most of this week with friends from Texas who are staying on a nearby lake. I was over there on Sunday and came back excited for 4 days on my own. Monday I had a wonderfully productive day of sewing, sorting strings and other household projects.

Yesterday I prepped for painting and primed the walls with the Gardz sealer for post wallpaper drywall. As is par for this project, it didn't go quite as planned. The sealer is extremely thin so I ended up brushing it on instead of rolling because it splattered everywhere - which I had read about in advance so that wasn't really a surprise. But I couldn't see the coverage very well straight on because even though it looks milky white in the can it goes on clear. So I did a lot of up/down the ladder and moving around at different angles to spot any dull spots I missed. Very time consuming!

This morning I'll put on a coat of regular primer and should be applying "Sunny Day" by late afternoon. I actually love painting (the prep work not so much) so this is the fun part. I should have pictures for a BIG Friday Finish!

Oh, and the sorting strings project? Looks like this at the moment...
My husband will NEVER see this photo! Our living room is a stringy mess. I've decided to sort my strings and small scraps by color and consolidate several bins into the drawer unit which used to hold UFOs. So this is what I'll be doing in between painting today. My family returns tomorrow night so I've got a deadline.

Did you spy Tucker in that mess?

He is keeping my spot warm! By Friday I should be back to working on these...
Yes, yet another string UFO. This one will be a keeper and I need to make about 40 more 7.5" blocks for a nice sized lap quilt.

Hopefully next week I'll be back in the groove and ready for a "normal" WIP Wednesday post from my beautiful new quilting room. Ooh La La!! I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday@Freshly Pieced.


  1. Love the blue and yellow string blocks! Very pretty combination.

    Tucker is such a good supervisor - making sure those strings don't get messed up while you paint.

  2. I will never tire of looking at your string blocks. My string bin is overflowing also. Finishing projects sure doesn't help my fabric storage situation. I too love to paint. I have the hallway painting on my agenda this summer.

  3. Wow. I don't think I have ever been home alone for days at a time. I wouldn't know how to act. Good luck getting it all done.

  4. A retreat in your own home! How lovely

  5. Tucker looks very comfortable among your "strips and strings"...julierose

  6. Very pretty colour - I look forward to seeing the finished project. I hate the prep work in painting as well but I sure do love the look of freshly painted walls and trim!

  7. Your room is going to be beautiful and it is fun to see your "strings" everywhere! I did spot Tucker right away and love your string blocks.

  8. You know what they say..."while the cat's away..."; I think it applies to husbands too! LOL


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