Thursday, June 13, 2013

4 Coats Down... 1 To Go!

I think if I had tracked the hours spent from the 1st strip of wallpaper torn off the wall to this point I would either cry or laugh hysterically! Or probably both at the same time...

The color is more accurate in the picture below from the opposite angle taken earlier in the day. I'm really happy with it - a nice soft yellow.
Any yellow paint on the ceiling will be Tucker's fault. As I was cutting in on the ladder this morning he yowled at me non-stop from the window sill until I was done! He feels VERY neglected after umpteen hours of painting evidently.
He says actually he just wanted to me to be VERY careful up there as he recovers from his vigilance in the family room. I imagine he might have a sore throat.

So... 1 coat of drywall fixer/sealer, 2 coats of primer and 1 coat of paint in 3 days. Is it wrong to say that tomorrow I'll be "sewing down the binding" on this project as I put on the final coat of paint? That is if I can still move my painting arm!


  1. It must be a great feeling knowing that you are now at the end of all those coats.

  2. Wow.....what a difference and I so love, love, love the color! It is just beautiful and looks wonderful. Get it "bound", and rest up for the sewing to come.

  3. I'm sure Tucker feels it is his personal responsibility to make sure you stay safe while you are painting :*) It's good to know that he is on the job!

  4. That soft yellow is really pretty. Tucker was probably worn out from supervising.

  5. It is looking so good. I'm glad my DH likes to paint!

  6. My sewing room in our last home was a soft, buttery yellow. It was so soothing! You will be so happy sewing in there with such a cheery color on the walls.

  7. How funny of Tucker :) Your yellow is so pretty and looks like you've done a fantastic job. I love getting new paint put up - HATE putting it up. ;D


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