Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sniffles and Strings

Yesterday afternoon I perked up a bit (summer cold) and set up my makeshift cutting area in the laundry room next to the ironing board so I could make some string blocks for Heartstrings Quilt Project. Please click the link to read more about this wonderful group that is so flexible to work with. You can make your own quilts from start to finish and distribute them locally or just make the blocks and send them to a coordinator who takes it from there. With my UFOs lying in wait, the block option is my choice!

My large bin of strings is sitting on top of the dryer. In the basket are my "not so pretty" 5" charms that I cut in half to finish off the block corners.
I like to grab an assortment of strings, press them and lay them at the end of the ironing board. Then I can pick one and start cutting it to add to my blocks.
 I usually end up with a jumbled mess to the right of my assembly area of leftover short strings to try and work in as I get toward the corners. String block making is MESSY! You can see my cut squares of muslin foundations and my middle 2" strips that center each block at the end.
Sets of 10 blocks are my thing... it lets me keep track of where I'm at in the process and gives me enough variety to mix up the strings. I am not a totally random stringer - I try to vary the colors and values somewhat without taking a lot of time. My goal is to make an interesting block and make a dent in my string bin.

I have become totally addicted to listening to audiobooks from the library on my iPhone while sewing (or scraping wallpaper!). I put my phone into the little red striped cloth bag and hang it around my neck while I'm moving around. If I'm sewing or if I'm not home alone I use my earbuds. So enjoyable! I still prefer to listen to music while I'm quilting for some reason, but other that I am always anxious to get further in my book.
I have committed to making 365 blocks for Heartstrings Quilt Project this year. I sent 60 blocks in January (when I had just gotten my Juki TL2010q - post HERE) for a special project using purple centers instead of the standard blue or red. So, I've got some catching up to do. Good thing these blocks are easy sewing... perfect for sick days or summer time!

I'm linking up to Scrap-Basket Sunday@Kim's Big Quilting Adventure.


  1. What a great and worthwhile way to use your strings and scraps Deb!!! String quilts are some of the most colorful and interesting out there. I am sure your blocks will be used to bring many smiles to those who need it so much :*)

  2. Nice! I really need to play with strings one of these days!

  3. Great organisation and such a worthy cause! Good luck with meeting your goal for the year... and awesome use of scraps!

  4. Nice string blocks! I used to say that I listened to audio books while I quilt. Now I say that I quilt while I listen to audiobooks! I really can't seem to stay focused on my quilting unless I'm listening to one, and when the book is good--I get LOTS of quilting done!

  5. Congratulations on having so many of these string blocks made already this year. Such a good use of scraps and a Wonderful cause!

  6. It is fantastic what can be made from tiny pieces .....


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