Thursday, June 27, 2013

Flimsy X2

I sometimes have to stop and wonder at myself in my former quilting life as UFO Maker.

Exhibit #1:  Thimbleberries Jacob's Ladder (as it looked this morning)
This quilt's pattern is from the book "More Nickel Quilts" by Pat Speth who is one of my favorite scrappy quilt designers. I'm not certain of the start date of this quilt but I'm guessing 2007/2008. All of the 5" charms are Thimbleberries fabrics as are the borders and I do remember feeling rather challenged by the piecing and matching the corners up.

My question to self is this - once the hard part is done (yay!) why not sew 8 more seams and just, you know, FINISH it? The question of my life, that one...

I like this angled photo showing the ladder piecing. My cutting table is doing double duty today!
And here is a close-up of the border fabrics. I have a burgundy print that will be used for binding... I'm planning to walking foot quilt this one myself and I think I already have a plan. It measures 60" x 60" and I plan to hang in on the wall in our family room where the 1st picture was taken.
Exhibit #2:  "Minnesota Hotdish" by Atkinson Designs
Same story as Exhibit #1... the hard part is completely done. I have the middle AND the piano key borders done - an inner border and 4 cornerstones are missing. One clue to solving this UFO is that I have 2 fabrics that I must have been deciding between as they are both stored with the pieced sections.

But I'm pretty sure what turned this towards life as a UFO since 2006 was that I read ahead in the pattern and saw that I would have to adjust those piano keys and that sounded kind of futzy so let's put that off another day! Or another year...

I see a bug photo-bombed me!

The background fabric is a beautiful floral white on white print. I'll be sending this top out for professional quilting as I want her to work her magic in those white spaces and it will hang on our master bedroom wall when complete.
I'm gleefully checking these two flimsy's off my To-Do List! As in FINISHED!


  1. The Jacob's ladder is one of my all time always looks good no matter what color way is used. Yours looks wonderful! Ditto for are pushing thru the ufos. Keep rolling on.

  2. wow - both just beautiful. And both will look great hanging on a wall.

  3. When you put it like that (just 8 more seams and be done with it), why not just finish it - that makes a lot of sense.

  4. This is no place for "logic"!!!! UFO's are created when "logic in that moment" is occurring and will make no sense whatsoever at a later date!!!!! LOL! Ask me how I know this!!!

  5. These are both so gorgeous! Both of them are stunning...your home will be so beautiful with these hanging on your walls!

  6. Beautiful quilts! I have some Jacobs Ladder blocks (from a swap) that are about as old as your top. Now over the years my piecing skills have grown and I have more scraps to work with. So, no excuses to not finish mine.

  7. Great job Deb!!! These two tops are absolutely beautiful. I know you and your family will enjoy seeing your lovely work in your home :)

  8. Oh they are lovely! Your fabric choices for both are fab!

  9. If I had a dollar for every time I thought the same thing. I have so many that just need the last few pieces. Every time I pull them out I wonder....why did I stop here? Love the MHD quilt.

  10. Beautiful quilts Deb and I'm so glad you finished them! Would you believe I have 4 different Jacobs Ladder quilts going on as leaders & enders from scraps, I love that pattern! I can't wait to see Minnesota Hotdish quilted!

  11. That blue and white is to die for. Just gorgeous.


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