Monday, June 24, 2013

Sunday was Funday

Tucker and I had a great time playing around in the quilting room yesterday. He seems to like the new cutting table almost as much as I do and even had a little nap on the corner I wasn't using.
Then he fiercely guarded my rainbow stash drawers while my husband and I were moving some furniture around. Note the common thread of laying on fabric in any form!
His last bit of assistance involved testing to see if my sewing table extension supports 16 lbs. of solid cat... it did!
I brought two UFOs to flimsy stage yesterday - this is Kitchen Sink Strings...
and Scrappy Summertime from the book "Quilts from the Heart" by Karin Renald.
I even brought out my Pfaff for her specialty which is adding borders. Pfanny (decided she needs a name now that I have Mr. Juki and Julia!) allows me to add borders or sew long seams with very little pinning and no measuring because of her IDT (built in walking foot). No wavy borders when Pfanny is on the job!
And yes, I had to do an all points search for her manual since I could NOT remember how to thread her! Since all of the UFOs left on my Q2 Goals list involve adding borders or long seams my goal today is to move each of them to the next stage - flimsy. Then I'll be all set for a sandwiching & quilting marathon... I'm still hoping to get my 4 UFO finishes in for June. How can it be almost the end of June already?

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  1. your cat is so funny and so beautiful. Love his coloring.

  2. I love my machine with a built in walking foot. I also use it for quilting as it keeps all the layers together.

  3. cats and quilts - they just go together. Mine is a little lame right now - he is 12 - and has not been following me downstairs when I sew. But he lies at the top of the stairs and "talks" occasionally to let me know he is waiting.

    Love that scrappy quilt with the red border.

  4. It's no wonder you get so much done - Tucker provides an unbelievable amount of help.

  5. I so love being able to have "dedicated" sewing machines!!!! You're coming right along!!! Hugs......

  6. I'm such a sucker for a scrappy quilt, and these two do not disappoint. Awesome!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  7. The summertime quilt might have sparked an idea. A friend needs a baby quilt--maybe a summertime quilt in pastels?

    I like both your quilt--I do have a soft spot for heartstring quilts. And finding a way to add borders painlessly---I always stall when I get to the borders. What to use. How wide. Etc. etc.


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