Saturday, June 8, 2013

I Love Lilacs

I'm holding off until tomorrow to show you more strings... yes, I'm still making string blocks! After pulling out one UFO of string blocks in my last post I decided to keep going and pulled out 2 more. Why not make as big of a mess as I possibly can right?

The lilacs are looking lovely and we finally have a little sunshine so I thought I'd take some pictures to share. It has been a rainy and gloomy week but today the blooms are dry and smell oh so good.

I have 3 clumps of common lilacs out by our shed and am hoping they will keep spreading along the edge of our driveway over the years to create a bountiful border. I just love driving around our area and seeing these type of lilacs everywhere.
Along the south side of our home I have several specialty lilacs planted. It has taken years for them to finally start blooming but now I can open the window to our master bed room upstairs and my quilting room downstairs to catch their wonderful scent. Today 5 of them are showing their colors.

This variety has a pinkish cast.
This intense purple is so pretty.
 This one is my favorite.... look at those delicate white edges!
 These petals are almost periwinkle blue when open.
And then we have white.
Their scent is so amazing... if only they would bloom for weeks!


  1. Beautiful! I've never seen the white ones or the ones with the white border before. Having the scent of these waft up into yourself sounds absolutely wonderful.

    1. Whoops I meant to say waft up into your house! Apparently not quite awake today..... :)

  2. Oh Deb--those lilacs are fabulous--what is that purple one edged in white called? These lilacs were my Grand'mere's favorite..when I smell them, I think back to my days with her!! Thanks for the pix...hugs, Julierose

  3. So lovely! what a great scent to enjoy.

  4. I can almost smell them as I look through your photos. I love driving around our city in the spring with car windows down, smelling those wonderful spring flowers.
    The purple blossoms with white on the edges--that's a gorgeous variety.

  5. These lilacs are lovely. How lucky your are to have them growing. I can only imagine the perfume!

  6. Beautiful lilacs. I really miss having them since moving to this house. I could imagine the wonderful smell you are enjoying.

  7. I love lilacs, too. Yours are just beautiful! I love all your different varieties. Someone a long time ago planted some along our driveway - white, light and very deep purple ones - and in some places they are 15 feet high. They are gorgeous when in bloom and all summer long with their pretty green leaves. They keep that side of the driveway cool with their shade. Whenever I see them I am thankful to the strangers who once lived in this old farmhouse and loved these beauties enough to plant them for me.

  8. One of my all time favorites. Wish they would grow here.

  9. Oh, wow! They look amazing and I've heard their scent is beautiful but I've not seen lilacs in real life. I'm allergic to gardenias, jasmine, honeysuckle and other strong perfumes -- are lilacs like that?

  10. The ones with a white or cream edge are called 'Sensation'.


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