Saturday, June 1, 2013

May In Review and June Goals

Thursday morning I had an early eye appointment and came home raring to go with a gallon of paint for my new quilting room. Before I even got changed into my painting clothes my nose started running non-stop and I was sneezing uncontrollably so I put my PJ's back on and crawled into bed. Where I have basically been (minus a trip to our little local store for more Kleenex, instant chicken noodle soup and cold pills) ever since!

So far this morning I am feeling a little better. A little too lightheaded for painting, but maybe some mindless sewing later on. I'll get my month end blog post done now in case I end up back in bed.

In May I finished 2 UFOs, got caught up on my blocks for the "And Sew On" BoM and made blocks for RSC13. I also spent hours scraping wallpaper and a fair amount of time sorting, organizing and purging to clear our daughter's old room and our storage room.
1. Shabby Strings, 2. Watercolor Spring, 3. "Snip it Real Good", 4. "Keep Calm and Press On", 5. Birds in the Air in Blue, 6. Crossroads in Blue

So, a busy month but not a lot to show for it in the DONE column! The good news is that I'll start off June with a flurry once I get over this cold as my In Progress projects are close to DONE.

May Goals
1-UFO#1 Shabby Strings-DONE!
2-UFO#2 Watercolor Spring-DONE!
3-UFO#3 Come Sail Away*
4-UFO#4 TB Jacob's Ladder
5-UFO#5 Easter Stacked Coins
6-NewFO Project*
7-April/May "And Sew On"-DONE!
8-RSC13 Blocks-DONE!
9-Finish 1 WIP*
10-Quilting Room in Use!*
*In Progress

For June I'm going for a bare minimum as summer weather is bound to arrive in June (right?). I've got annuals to plant, perennial gardens to weed and the lake will be calling my name. I've got a couple days of sorting/purging left in my storage room and then there is the garage. And my mosaic studio...

On the other hand, I'll have a new quilting room to play in, so I know I'll be inspired to get my sewing time in too! My handyman friend made some great suggestions to enhance my cutting table plans when we got together earlier in the week. Fingers crossed that I can kick this cold and get started on the painting ASAP!

June Goals
1-Finish 4 UFOs
2-NewFO Project
3-And Sew On Block
4-RSC13 Blocks
5-Finish 1 WIP
6-Heartstrings Blocks

Edited to add that my June goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes will be Scrappy Summertime.

I'm linking up to Fresh Sewing Day@Lily's Quilts and The Year of the Finished Project.


  1. I just love your iron block! Those are some great finishes for the month and a challenging list for June - best of luck!

  2. Nice finish!! Love the shabby strings. The iron block is just too cute!! Get over your cold.

  3. wow, what great projects! Love you paper-piecing! And really like your Birds in the Air!

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon so you can finish getting that new sewing room all ready. Looking forward to seeing the end result, especially the cutting table.

    You did get lots done in May even though you spent so much time working on wallpaper removal. Good job!

    Enjoy that lake!

  5. Wow! You have a long May list. I hope you get to feeling better and your paper pieced blocks are fantastic!!

  6. Those little paper pieced blocks are so cute!

  7. Fun projects! The iron and scissors blocks are so fun! Good luck getting over that cold and getting to this month's goals!

  8. Your minimum is way over my max! Take a rest and get past the's the worse time in the world for it. finishes are great.

  9. Love your blocks especially the ironing one. Scrappy summer time is so fun and happy. Good luck with your June goals.

  10. Good luck on your goals. Your work looks fantastic.

  11. Wow, I am so impressed with the lists of UFO's everyone is working on. I have one quilt on my list and it will be loads for me... LOL Good luck in June. I will be back to check out your finishes!

  12. I love your birds in the air blocks!!! I hope your cold goes soon!

  13. All so beautiful! The birds in the air is so inspiring!

  14. I'm glad you finished those two quilts. You'll enjoy them even if they aren't just the way you wanted them. So sorry you've been down with the cold, hope you are your busy self soon. I love the paper piecing I'd do them but I have a baby quilt to get made.

  15. Love you work! I'm sorry you are sick, though. :( Could you tell me how to do a quilt like the one on the bottom. What I see are squares maybe 4.5" in the center and 2.0 or 2.5" blocks going around the square. Am I even close? I really like this.

  16. hope you are feeling even much better today.
    yeah, summertime brings lots of other things to keep us from doing much quilting. Good idea not to make your list too long. Can't wait to see your room. Maybe I can get some ideas for mine.

  17. I hope you're feeling a whole lot better now! I'm madly trying to catch up with 450+ blog posts and am commenting on very few! Love, love, love that quilt in the last photo! You inspire me so much.


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