Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Kitchen Sink Feed Sacks became a flimsy yesterday afternoon and it seems that pushing forward has not only given me some quilty mo-jo back but also helped me get a handle on why I'm not particularly fond of it. The sample quilt in Kim Brackett's book "Scrap-Basket Surprises" was done in 30's pastel prints which are very similar in value.

I think my version has too much going on... brights, lights, darks of all types of fabrics and the block itself isn't interesting enough to carry it off. My eye keeps trying to find a pattern of some kind! A good lesson learned and now I'm actually kind of excited about trying this pattern again as a low volume quilt. I also think it would work well with medium/light blues and greens (kind of a sea glass effect).

Once I figured this out it was kind of liberating to turn my mind off, do some speed piecing and get the top assembled. One of the reasons I love making quilts for Project Linus is to play with color, new patterns and new techniques. They don't have to be masterpieces to comfort a child!
Just about the time I was heading outside to take some pictures we had snow flurries so the flash pic inside will have to do. I'm going to put this top right into the quilting queue and hopefully it will be my WIP Finish for October. How radical is that... to actually start a quilt and finish it in the same month? Perhaps I can take that as a sign of my quilting life post UFO Countdown!
What's Hot:
  • Thimbleberries Jacob's Ladder - quilting stage
  • RSC13 blocks - black & white Birds in the Air and Crossroads blocks for Saturday's post
  • And Sew On blocks - aiming for 2 blocks this week
  • QOV 9 Patch - quilting stage
  • Bright Hopes - sandwiched and ready to quilt
It's a bit early for snow around here so I'll end my post with another picture of Kitchen Sink Strings. It looks like another gloomy day in the making... good thing I've got pretty fabrics to play with in my quilting room!
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  1. I think your quilt came out great! A sea glass version would be really interesting, too.

  2. Love that scrappy, happy fun looking quilt top, Deb. Much better to look at than the view out your window! We had the same. It was nice to hear your thoughts on the whole process.

  3. Your color analysis might be right - and it will be interesting to see if using similar values changes the look completely. However, I really think a child will love all of that color going on. The brighter, the better! I think it will be a perfect kid quilt.

    We had a touch of snow yesterday too, although I've been chained to my desk at work so I didn't see much of it. No windows at all in my office so I get a little cabin fever at times because I can't see outside.

  4. Love your scrappy top...but not the snow, not yet! =)

  5. I absolutely love the bright hopes pattern. I made one about twelve years ago when my middle child was in kindergarten. To this day it is one of my favorite quilts I've ever made.

    Yours is beautiful. You are right - this pattern looks totally different depending on fabric placement and whether or not you use sashing between the blocks.

    Good luck getting it finished by Thursday!

  6. Great to see it has become a flimsy. And look at that snow!

  7. Hmmm to start a quilt and finish the same month. Weird. Kidding! A child will love this and enjoy all the colour

  8. I like your flimsy - like the colours you have in it, like that is just a crazy explosion of a crayon box's fun game and what does that say about me??? And very, very good for you going from start to finish in the blink of a month!! ;-)

    Keep up this pace and you will soon be starting things 'cause you have to!! And you won't have things waiting for your attention...... hmmm, won't that be nice!! :-)

  9. I love it as a scrappie, I think anything goes and works!

  10. I think your analysis of why the top doesn't quite work is spot on. I agree with you. My eye was trying to find a pattern too. Nevertheless, it is a bright, happy quilt and a child will love it. Is it a bit early to be getting snow? I don't really have any idea because I live in Australia, but thought snow would be more likely around late November. Whereabouts do you live?


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