Monday, October 21, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Yesterday was J-Meow's day for Quilt Inspector duty. I keep my door closed when the J-cats are visiting as I don't want them finding any dangerous "toys" when I'm not watching. J-Meow is NOT a fan of closed doors so he is quick to join me and takes his job very seriously!
As you can see... my cutting table is still a mess. On a more productive note - I'm at the halfway point on my Feed Sacks blocks. I'm not crazy about these blocks in "Kitchen Sink Scrappy" but maybe they will grow on me. I do love how quickly they go together and how great they are for busting 2.5" strips.
My eyes tend to gravitate towards Blue & Yellow Strings instead on my other wall so I'm including a picture of that even though it hasn't changed since I showed it last. 
Looking at my October goals I have plenty of things to choose from today but my quilty mo-jo is flagging a bit. I'm hopeful that getting my room tidied up and making a to-do list for the week will give me a boost!


  1. I find when my mojo is lost a quick clean up usually does the trick. I guess I can't function in a space that is toooooo wacky. Who knew? I really like your feed sack blocks. I'm thinking the way you join them...sashing or not....will be the key to how much you like them. And the blue and yellow strings? Gorgeous!

  2. I am with you, my favorite is the strings. I have a set of tree of life blocks from a lotto win that are all different sizes. I began to do something similar to your kitchen sink blocks around them, hated it. Now they sit.

  3. My quilting mo-jo is suffering a bit this month too. I'm hoping that the cold weather, paired with a less hectic schedule at work, will give me a little energy. However, since we'll have out 18 month old granddaughter over the next weekend, I'm guessing there will be little or no sewing done. I'm guessing grandma and grandpa will need naps when she does. :-)

  4. You don`t need a tidy room, just room enough to keep moving!! lol! At least, ahem, it is working for me, but my goal of having my own tidy room, means I have actually been sewing and I am getting things to the finish line!!! Then and only then will my room have room to move in!

    Love your design wall - and you just keep at both these projects -do one as a leader & ender while working on the other and soon, they will both be done!! Now with your words of wisdom, I am off to sew the day away........ :-) Bye!

  5. What a pretty cat and he seems intent on having his spot right in the spotlight of your cutting table. Isn't it funny how our quilt MoJo comes and goes, and then when you least expect it, you have a burst of magical energy for a particular project...that's the beauty of having MoJo. Both quilts are really great. I'm all about the kitchen sink, though.

    I am visiting from Design Wall Monday and would love to have you stop by and see my Corpus Collsum Project on my Design Wall. Just click on the signature link below...hope to see you there.  Your comments are 'Sew' Welcomed!

    Sue CollectInTexas Gal

  6. Love inspector cat and the kitchen sink, I agree with you on being drawn away to the blue and yellow.

  7. I like your blue and yellow strings. Your scrappy blocks are all bright and fun. Sometimes you have to put them away for a bit, then bring them back out before you decide if they are working for you or not.

  8. What a cutie that J-meow guy. Those cats make the best quilt testers! Your blue / yellow one is beautiful. Very attractive. Your feedsack one has potential, too. Don't give up on it. It needs a little something. Have you considered a white sashing? That might just make everything pop.

  9. I can relate to flagging mojo. At least you are pushing through it. I don't think I've sewn anything for a week, save one block.


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