Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Things

Just a quick post today... not a lot of sewing going on but lots of healing! My mom's knee replacement surgery went great - she is already home and my uncle will be released from the hospital tomorrow. Thanks much for your kind get well wishes on my post last week!

I shared my 60th UFO Finish on Friday and that means I get to start something new (10 UFO Finishes = New Project). I spent some time browsing my books last night and decided on Feed Sacks from Kim Brackett's book "Scrap-Basket Surprises". I wanted something simple & scrappy using my odd length 2.5" strips and this will be perfect for that.

And, it will be a great take along project to do the cutting while I'm helping my mom out this week. Just 2 sizes of strips to cut so not much concentration needed... I'm also excited to try out the red Martelli cutter!
I've got my B&W charms pulled to get started on my Birds in the Air blocks for RSC13.
The grand cats are settled in like they own the place... here is J-Meow napping in our family room.
Jax likes to be in the same room as a person so he is keeping an eye on me in the living room. He is the most watchful cat I've ever seen... most cats don't like a lot of eye contact but he is the exception. Note that both go for the fleece!
I also wanted to include a link to Darlene's blog Quilting Daze. Darlene and I have emailed back and forth several times over the last year and she has been a big supporter of my push to work down my UFO Collection. A while back she asked about doing a post on her blog and followed up with some questions for me to answer. So if you are interested you can read her Friday post at the link above and also give Darlene's blog a peek at the same time. Thanks again Darlene for your cheerleading!

I'm linking up to ScrapHappy Saturday@soscrappy and Scrap Basket Sunday@Kim's Big Quilting Adventure.


  1. Congrats on the 60th UFO finish! Looks like a fun new start. Love the cozy looking kitties ... :)

  2. Hi Deb. Enjoyed getting to know you on Darlene's blog. She is a gem, and an excellent quilter. Keep up the good work with your UFO's!

  3. Looks like it's going to be a lovely quilt. That new rotary cutter looks interesting.

    1. So glad your mom's surgery went well! And "geez!" about your leg mishap that took so much from your life - we really never know when something's going to change everything for us, do we?

  4. I just read Darlene's blog and I guess I never knew why you had taken three years off from quilting. May 2009 was the same year that my dog broke my leg in three places and I ended up non weigh bearing and in a wheel chair for 10 weeks. Then came the months and months of physical therapy. I was unable to even get into my sewing room with the chair and few times I did it on crutches I could only work for a very short time before I was in to much pain. If I had not had a Christmas deadline for a quilt that I had started before I was hurt I very likely would have lost my was sheer perseverance that got me thru. What being bed ridden and chair bound did no stop me from doing was buying fabric. Just because I could not cut it up did not mean I could not buy it. I am now attempting to get thru the copious quantities of fabric that I have bought since discovering how easy it is to do that on the internet. I may not have as many quilts started and in the UFO condition but I have at least that many projects to get thru. You have been my inspiration this year seeing how much you have accomplished. I love reading of you completed quilts.

  5. I am in awe of your 60 finishes in a year--that is incredible and very inspiring! That is a great profile/Q&A on Darlene's blog. Great black and white fabrics!

  6. Hi Deb! I found you from Darlene's blog post and I'm glad I did. I am also trying to work through UFOs so I look forward to following your progress!

    Nice to meet you :)

  7. More great projects cut and ready to go. :-) I'm glad you're mom's surgery went well.

    I enjoyed featuring you on my blog - thank you for the opportunity.

  8. I found you on Darlene's blog. Great interview with her. The cats know the best sleeping spots.

  9. Congrats on the 60th UFO finish that`s a great milestone.Your cat is adorable.Have fun playing with your fabrics,I look forward to following your progress!

  10. I hope your mother continues to improve. Love your B&W charms! It will be fun to see what you make with them : )

  11. 60! Amazing. That is quite an accomplishment. One more year of UFO busting and you will have them all completed.

  12. Congratulations on your major, major accomplishment. Good healing thoughts are going out to your mother. I had both knees replaced in June and am feeling quite well.


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