Wednesday, October 9, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Sometimes it seems like things happen in bunches and this is one of those weeks. My uncle had open heart surgery on Monday, my mom is having a knee replacement tomorrow and suddenly all those body parts I take for granted too often are on my mind! So in addition to spending some time in my sewing room today I am going to get out for a long walk feeling grateful that I can and walk some extra steps for those who can't.

What's Hot:
  • Pandora's Box in Teal is ready to be trimmed and bound... should be a Friday Finish!
  • Thimbleberries Jacob's Ladder is being quilted. I'll have some time to hand sew the binding while I'm helping my mom out.
  • RSC13 blocks - This month we are sewing with black and grey so I need to look through my charm and strip bins for those.
  • And Sew On blocks - I've got my foundations printed out and want to get one block done this week.
After a stop at the hospital and lunch with family members yesterday a little Target shopping occurred. I so love the Dollar Section there... look at these fun finds! I just want to fill up that cute little notebook with "Big Plans" right now.
The grand cats came home with me too... this is Tucker's look of the day! From the side it looks like he is hiding behind my iPad. When things get too crazy he moves up on top of that quilt over the sofa. Higher = safer in his mind.
I'll catch JMeow and Jax with my camera later - they are busy patrolling the house this morning to see what's new since their last visit.


  1. Hehe :) I just love your frequent-fur-visitors :) And Tucker's gorgeous. Best wishes for both your uncle and your mother!

  2. Best wishes to your family members having surgery this week.

    I always get excited over the new office supply things in stores in the fall. Kind of silly I guess, but I think it stems from all those years in a classroom. Then I was always on the lookout for interesting notebooks, sticky notes, clips, etc.

  3. I love target!!! Wishing everyone a speedy recovery.

  4. Hope all goes well for all your family members--it can be very stressful for those on the sidelines, too. Take care, hugs, Julierose

  5. Prayers and positive thoughts for your family...

  6. I'm supposed to be unplugged, but I'm reading tonight ; ) Hope all goes well with your mom and uncle

  7. Target is my dangerous store. I try not to go there too often. Hope everyone has a speedy recovery.


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