Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Paper Piecing Progress

OK... I think this might be the cutest paper piecing I've ever done!
If you need a hint as to what it is here you go - I mean really, who wouldn't want a red sewing table and a super cute teal chair?
This is September's block for the "And Sew On" BoM by Kristy@Quiet Play called "Sewing Sanctuary". It is a 10" block made of 17 sections and countless pieces of fabric.  

A week ago today I blogged HERE about my 4 Stalled Projects and received some great advice (thanks again!) in the comments about how to tackle complex paper piecing. Kristy also had a perfectly timed post HERE on her blog last Friday with helpful hints. I'm really starting to think that 1 section at a time is going to be my ticket to success.

As much I love what you can do with paper piecing, I find it to be rather stressful. It is slow sewing for me... I spent WAY too much time picking through my layer cake of Sew Stitchy by Aneela Hoey deciding what to use where (although thank goodness I've chosen to limit myself to that vs. my entire stash!). The fabrics I'm using for my wall and floor are not from that line and I'm really happy that I chose the Moda Bella solid for the floor in this block as it's just plain easy. Easy is good.
4 sections down... 13 to go. Hopefully there will be a 6th block to add to this group after all! 

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  1. These really are cute. I like the precision of paper piecing but also get bored very quickly with picking out the paper. I just need to remind myself to get some tissue weight paper to use for future paper piecing.

  2. These blocks are beautiful! Are Kristy's blocks pieced in the regular way (foundation pieced? is that a better term?) or does she use the freezer paper method? I like the regular way and shy away from any that use freezer paper.

  3. Deb, thanks so much for sharing this project and the links in your post! I am in awe of the detail in the project you are working on! Just beautiful!

  4. Looking good, I am looking forward to seeing the finished block. Our teacher has scheduled paper piecing for our class next year and I am looking forward to it.

  5. This is really beautiful and oh my gosh....what a project! Thanks for sharing.
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