Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Wow! I'd like to give a huge thank you to my readers who weighed in yesterday on my Stalled Projects post. I received some excellent advice and appreciate those who shared their own stalled out experiences. I think just writing out the post helped me to kick start my interest in getting them moving again.

What's Hot:

I closed my post yesterday saying I was going to put Four Patch & Friends up on my design wall ASAP... but I actually zigged instead of zagged because Easter Stacked Coins happened to be on top in my Stalled Projects bin. I put the coin strips up on the wall and periodically checked in on them throughout the day. By last night after our daughter and the grandcats left for home I knew my love for this project wasn't coming back.
So I shifted gears, cut the coin strips down into Project Linus size and started assembling a smaller version. This morning I'll add the yellow borders and move it to flimsy stage. I'll use the leftover coin strips and yellow fabric to piece the backing. THEN I'll put Four Patch & Friends up.

My leader/ender UFO Mod Art is moving along too as I've started sewing the rows together as I complete the cornerstone rows of sashing. Still loving this one!
What's Next:
  • Four Patch & Friends will take the place of Easter Stacked Coins on my design wall.
  • Pincushion project for the upcoming "Pin It" blog hop.
  • The September block for "And Sew On".
  • I need to blow the dust off Mr. Juki and quilt something!
I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday@Freshly Pieced.


  1. Love that you're doing something wonderful with your Easter Stacked Coins quilt...better than just leaving it in a pile of unfinished pieces, imo! =)

    And the sashing for your Mod Art is great...I want to do something with black and white one of these days...but it's not happening any time soon. =)

  2. Good call on giving it to project Linus. It will be appreciated. You're getting there!!

  3. Yay for finishing long WIPs! A kid will love this quilt from project Linus!

  4. I have a Christmas stacked coins project that is in the very stalled pile in the crawl space. It was my mom/grandma's project from a guild work day and the fabrics aren't the best quality. I would rather finish my own stuff and not this project, but don't have the heart to get rid of it either.

  5. Wow, I am amazed at the amount of UFOs you have got through this year - there is NO stopping you.

  6. Two lovely works! I love the Easter Coins, Deb> I gave the new baby (actually her Mom lol) the "Coins of Fortune" I made for her birth and she was so thrilled--isn't it great to have your work appreciated??? Hugs, Julierose, keep on scrappin'

  7. Very pretty - and the yellow is perfect between those coin strips. What a clever idea to transform it into a smaller version.

  8. Wise decision. I took my quilt to our group this morning. I would have ripped it out if it was deemed necessary but all five women present told me to bind it and move on! Yay!


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