Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Jumble of Projects

I am so grateful to have 2 healthy kids and it's good to remind myself of that because I am kind of a parenting wreck when my kids are in pain! After our 1st trip to the ER for stitches when our son was about 2 I was so proud of myself of keeping it together... then after he was in bed asleep I called my Mom and cried like a baby.

Our son had his wisdom teeth removed yesterday and we had a long stretch mid afternoon where the pain meds weren't keeping up. Then they finally kicked in and he slept on and off for the next 16 hours. By then I was too stressed out to attempt much though, so I pulled out my favorite comfort sewing.
But after a few blocks I went back to reading a book, filling/applying ice packs and slept in until 9:30 this morning. I never sleep that late anymore! Today he is feeling much better and I look forward to some productive sewing and I know our son is ready to have me stop hovering over him too. Win win.

I DID finish quilting my big top on Thursday night and I'm rather happy with how it turned out. On to binding which will be machine sewn (thank goodness!).
 I've got 2 more tops & batting rolled up on the floor waiting for backings.
 And my next quilting project draped over the door.
I don't care much for this "production line" mentality... times like this are dangerously close to making my fun hobby a bit too job-like. But I'm looking forward to checking them out of my UFO Collection at the same time!


  1. oh when your children are in pain it is terrible! I really like your string blocks--great color choices...Julierose

  2. Sounds like your son is on the mend. That is good.

    You have inspired me to try some simple grid quilting on my own. I just finished grid quilting a crib quilt. Now to get it bound.

  3. String blocks look wonderful and lots of lovely quilts waiting to be completed. Good work!

  4. Oh, your poor boy. I remember when mine were taken out. Nov 13, 1987. It was awful. Love the blue and yellow string blocks! And if you have to work an assembly line of sorts, at least they're cool things. :D

  5. Deb, I totally understand what you mean about your kids when they are ill! I become a complete mush when my guys are not well! Good for you that you have a distraction during these rare times! The string blocks are lovely and classic color combination! Great quilting too! Hang in there Mom!

  6. I'm right there with you. I do okay in a crisis and then crash afterward. I guess that is better than the other way around.

    Your quilts are beautiful. There is noting quite like pasting DONE on a project....unless it is DONE on a bunch of projects.

  7. Hope your son's mouth heals quickly..
    WOW sew many beautiful quilts there.

  8. Glad your son has that behind him now. You have some great projects to keep you busy and happy! Sometimes we need a self-induced assembly line so that we can catch up and start something new!

  9. You forgot to mention the beautiful work on your design wall. It's gorgeous!

  10. Glad to hear your son is recuperating nicely and that you can get on with your hobby. You are doing so well and are so organised.

  11. I actually like to do my quilting in an assembly line style. I prepped a bunch, like 5 and have all the backings, battings, etc. cut and ready and then I pick threads for top and bottom and put them with the quilts. My mom used to do this, but never finished the quilts. I however can't go long before I start quilting them up, so the thread doesn't stay packed away long.


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