Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Sweet Little Finish

This little cutie has a story behind it. I had ordered the fabrics to make a baby quilt for my cousin who was expecting her 1st baby and had just finished making the blocks a few days before I took my tumble off the step stool and broke my leg 4 years ago today. So as far as my UFO Collection goes this is a newbie at only 4 years old!

Of course that baby is now a sweet little boy... but one of my other cousins had a baby boy in July so I'm now calling this one "Puppies for Rylan". This quilt is from the book "Even More Quilts for Baby" by Ursula Reikes which is a wonderful source for cute baby quilts.
I was having some problems with my bobbin tension when I quilted it. After trying my usual adjustments it persisted so I found the tool to unscrew Mr. Juki's throat plate and could not believe the gobs of lint that had accumulated since my last cleaning! Guess I'd better step up my schedule when I'm doing lots of quilting.

Then Mr. Ripper and I had a few nights together while watching some TV. Round 2 of quilting went much better and I decided to only do vertical lines this time to keep the quilt nice and soft.
The fabrics are from a Moda line called "Oh My Dog" by Lori Gardner and they are just adorable! Look at these cuties on the backing - "Yappy but Happy" makes me smile.
As soon as I put a label on it and give a wash it will be in the mail... a finish at last for the newest member of our extended family!

I'm linking up to Let's Make Baby Quilts@Michelle's Romantic Tangle.
September Finishes


  1. Keep it helps in so many ways. LOL Cute quilt and another finish for you!

  2. Good reminder that I need to check for lint and clean out my machine this week - while I'm thinking about it.

    Darling fabric with all the puppies.

  3. It's adorable. What was the size of each block?

  4. Yes Mr. lint ball has caused me problems too in the past. The newest addition will love the doggy prints

  5. Thanks for reminding me! My Mr. Juki has been acting a bit off lately, I should see if there's lint in his belly!

  6. Such a sweet quilt love all the fabrics!! Thanks for reminding me to check under my throat plate!!

  7. Those puppies are so cute! I love those cute little boy fabrics. I find quilting for boys to be pretty tricky. Yay for another finish for you! Thank you for linking up!

    xo -E

    P.S. I was told to clean the lint out every time you wind a bobbin and I mostly follow that rule. Sometimes, though, when I'm feeling rebellious, I find it kind of fun to let it build up a little and then sweep out lots of big lint bunnies. Is that weird?

  8. That's the great thing about baby quilts -- you're always able to find someone who can use them. :-)

    Thanks for linking up!

  9. That is a very cute quilt!

    It's amazing how quickly the lint build up when we quilt, isn't it? Thanks for reminding me that it's time to clean my machine!


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