Thursday, September 19, 2013

Quiltathon and Blog Hop Winners

Hats off to everyone who quilts large tops on their domestic machines! Seriously... I am in awe of you. Moving this top around is a bit of work. In fact I'll just say it - I'm a big time WIMP! And, yes, I know this isn't even big as in king or queen size, but it is huge to me. Wimpy Wimpy Wimpy... that's me.
I had to take a break and work on a kid size top so I could relax for while. I'm loving the teal thread on this one!
Now I'm back at the biggie and hoping to get to halfway done tonight. Our son gets his wisdom teeth out tomorrow morning so I think I'll have some time to shove push guide it along while he's dozing in the adjacent family room after we get home. I've got the ice packs ready to go and fingers crossed for an uneventful recovery over the weekend.

The lucky numbers chosen by Mr. Random for my Pin It Blog Hop Giveaway were...
who are...
Congratulations to Linda and Bettina! Both have already replied and I will making their wristband pincushions next week. Thanks to everyone who entered and left such wonderful comments on Monday. I enjoyed getting ideas for new color combinations too.


  1. I'm with you! I have a post coming today showing a Finished Object. The quilting my teacher first suggested meant turning a 50"x60" quilt many times so we came up with a compromise (that works a lot better)! My ambition is to one day make a whole cloth quilt -- I can't imagine that it will be big enough for my queen sized bed though!

  2. Straight lines are my best friend. I send the big ones out. Good on you!

  3. Try putting your ironing board to your left in front of sewing machine table. Puddle the quilt so it isn't pulling down onto floor (it worked for me). There's more than one way to manipulate a quilt that big. ;-)

  4. That is a big quilt. I quilt big ones on the dining room table because it's slick and the quilt slides around much easier. Oh, and I have the ironing board on my left to hold the quilt up. Not perfect, but it helps.

  5. I think you are brave to do a lap quilt! Well done you.

  6. I am definitely a wimp when it comes to large quilts. Me nor my machine can handle it. Good luck with yours and I hope your son does well.
    Congrats to the winners too.
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  7. You are not a wimp! Look at all you have accomplished. Wimps don't do, they cower. Keep up the good work!


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