Tuesday, March 19, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Reality Check

It seems like a good time to weigh in on my progress towards March Goals on my sidebar and admit that, once again, I'm not going to meet all of my goals. I have been pushing myself while setting these but I do hope to actually achieve them one of these months!

Not Going to be Done:

Goals 2,3 & 4. My LAQ is 2+ weeks behind on her estimate for my Spring Flowers and Shabby Strings tops and hasn't given me any indication as to when she will get to them.

If you look closely at these pictures you will see why Four Patch & Friends has stalled out once again.  First I had a delay with the mail order inner border fabric, then I wasn't sure about it once it arrived and finally found the perfect fabric.

Yes, I had one of the background pieces flipped backwards. In a block in the middle of the assembled top. These kind of things I just have to set aside for awhile. And, to make the ripping especially painful, I must have been doing some paper piecing before I assembled this section because my stitches were tiny!

Will be Done:

Goals 1,5,8,10 &12. My Christmas stockings are back on track as I posted yesterday, my Star wall quilt is ready for binding, my RSC13 blocks are 80% done and my "And Sew On" block will take an afternoon. The pincushions for my HGTV swap are due by 3/31 and my day for the Stitch Me Up Embroidery Blog Hop is Wednesday, March 27th. These are fun projects!

Should be Done:

Goals 7, 9 & 11. My Nancy Halverson table runner, the Theadbias QAL table runner and my FMQ goals are all doable in the next 12 days. I just need to get serious about them.

Not on List but Done: 

I finished piecing this Patriotic 9 Patch UFO yesterday and it will go on my goal list for Q2 finishes.

Bright Blue Strings is also pieced and I'll look for some backing fleece today after I take the J-cats home.
And, when I really start feeling frustrated about my lack of progress on March Goals I just open a drawer or two...
It was so worth it!!! ;-)  If you missed this post - click HERE. I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday@Freshly Pieced.


  1. Wow - you do have a lot going on in your sewing room!

    I empathize with you about having to rip out stitching - I seem to be doing that on a regular basis and it is frustrating.

  2. when you open the drawer does a burst of sunshine and happiness come out. it makes me happy looking at it and it's not even my fabric.

  3. Wow! Your drawers are great!!! I'm also loving the bold colors of the string quilt!

  4. You will miss those kitties after you take them home! They are such good company even when getting into mischief.

    Loving that string quilt and the patriotic one because those are colors I love working with too. And I'm envious of those organized drawers. Right now my sewing room is a lot more out of control than normal and I just don't have the "mojo" to do anything about it. I think I need spring to arrive.

    I'm picking up a baby quilt today from my quilter and need to put some binding on it fast, as the twins are probably going to arrive fairly soon. Girl quilt just needs a label, but this boy quilt needs binding and a label. Mojo missing or not - I'm working with a short deadline.

  5. I am loving the draws - they are organised and full of fabulous fabric. Nice work. Your blue string quilt is coming together nicely - the electric blue really makes the other colours pop.

  6. I love your string quilt, and your drawers ... They are a delight!

  7. Man, those drawers are so pretty inside, they're surely cheer me up when I was down. :)

  8. A reality check is a good thing. I know I'm not going to meet all my goals for March but never thought about posting about it! Love the String Quilt and the drawers look fabulous. I was thinking about how I organise my stash this morning -- it's the yardage that I need to find a proper home for!

  9. Love the string quilt and your fabric drawer!!!! Nice!!!

  10. Wow, I would keep those drawers open all the time--they are so pretty!

  11. Those drawers of fabric are beautiful! Yes the quilts are pretty too!


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