Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This and That

It seems like this week is slow to take shape and it's been a few days of taking care of items other than sewing, like getting our water softener fixed, pulling together tax information and a trip to our vet for Jax. We noticed an odd growth coming out of his front right paw pad so this morning he was sedated and that was clipped off. As soon as we came home, J-Meow gave it a sweet kiss.
Before that, J-Meow was busy investigating the fabric and towel situation in the laundry room. He spends a lot of time here roaming around and checking out the various rooms, closets and drawers. He has a hard time relaxing because any new sound or movement elsewhere in the house causes him to go investigate.
Yesterday afternoon they were camped out in my daughter's room, looking kind of sad. They will be here with us the next 2 weeks over spring break. It seems like it takes them a day or two to adjust, and they definitely stick together. Then they make themselves at home and turn to picking on playing with Tucker.
We had a bit of a scare on Sunday morning during breakfast, all 3 of them were running around chasing each other and Tucker and J-Meow hopped up on this ledge over our split level entry and both went flying right over the edge down to the tile floor (about a 7 foot drop). I went downstairs after them to see if they were alright and could hear some loud snarling (a first!) going on. Little Jax was all puffed out and snarling at Tucker to protect J-Meow! LOL  He is such a quiet kitty so that was funny to see.
I've started my orange Birds in the Air blocks for RSC13 and also have finished the stitching on my 1st project for the Embroidery Blog Hop but no peeks at that yet.
I'm linking up to Freemotion at the River.


  1. We get to catsit our daughter's cat, Rocky, occasionally, and he comes with her whenever she comes home for the weekend. He and our cat, Gracie, are great friends, but they sound like great enemies! Love the quilt in the previous post, the setting fabric is wonderful! Am eager to see how the Rainbow quilt comes together.

  2. Awww cats are so entertaining! We have two and they are so fun with such different personalities. What a joy :)

  3. Very cute cats and your orange blocks look great :)

  4. I think you are having way too much fun with grandkitties!! I can just see them flying off that ledge! Your orange blocks looking good! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  5. Kitties are adorable. I had 12 at one time. Mine were feral cats that had strayed into the garden when they were kittens and we tamed them, even so I don't think they can be tamed like house cats. They all went off on their merry way eventually as there was too much competition between them.

  6. I think cats would be a lot more interesting (and simpler) than what we have to do now and then--dogsit a retired greyhound. The cats look so pretty, and very contented, in your photos.
    BTW, Deb -- looks like the comment just ahead of mine (from anonymous) is unwanted spam. When that stuff sneaks through --totally frustrating!

  7. I would have been terrifed when they went over the ledge, having had a cat seriously injured doing the same but from a greater height. It's nice to see the brothers (?) take care of each other with kisses, snuggles and defense. Poor Tucker will always be the outsider in his own house...

  8. You have 3 beautiful babies!!!!
    so glad i found your blog.... i love it,


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