Saturday, February 16, 2013

Paper Piecing a UFO

After challenging myself with several new techniques making my Triple Zip Pouch and Reverse Applique Heart Pillow the other day I was still in the mood for something other than the usual. How about some paper piecing?
As in my February A Lovely Year of Finishes project - paper pieced Cabin & Trees. I'm making the small version because I don't have a surface in my family room that suits the runner size. Someday I can use the papers for the other scene and make one for a gift. I took a paper piecing class with my Mom and a few of her quilting friends around 2005 and this was the class project. Total Northern Minnesota style!

I pulled all the fabrics and pre-printed patterns out and was pleasantly surprised to find that the cabin was already pieced. Bonus!
On closer inspection I could not help but laugh... because I knew EXACTLY why this turned into a UFO. My cabin has a rather unstable foundation! And, that little mistake made me set it aside instead of simply grabbing Mr. Ripper and fixing it. Like this.
Maybe 5 minutes of ripping and an hour of sewing later the paper piecing was done. I enjoy paper piecing and would like to do more of it.
The border fabric is actually a deep red/burgundy that my camera sees as rust this morning. It's a Holly Taylor for Moda print and I'm loving the snowshoes, sleds and the wandering moose. The binding fabric is laid along the bottom. Now, how to quilt it I wonder?

My Saturday post needs a few kitty pics. Mealtime when J-Meow and Jax visit is always intense because Jax is hungry ALL.THE.TIME! His bowl has to be filled first or it's total chaos. All 3 cats get different food - kitten food for Jax, regular food for J-Meow and $$ vet food for Tucker because he has issues with urinary tract crystals. And, of course, they all want the other cats food.

So we have supervised meals to stand guard and keep them busy with their own bowl. Let's just say there is some seriously fast eating and bits of food go flying! At this seating they formed a zig zig pattern.

Look at Jax... he is actually lying down to eat! He untucked his paws before I could get down on the floor for a close-up, but he is still sprawled out.  LOL
I'm linking up to It's a Saturday Sharing Day@Pig Tales and Quilts and A Lovely Year of Finishes@Fiber of All Sorts.  Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. Lovely paper piecing quilty! Me and paper piecing do not get along but I enjoy seeing other people's work.

    Your Jax is too funny. I once had a dog who laid down to eat... Kind of like he was protecting his bowl. lol

    Thanks for linking up to the It's A Saturday Sharing Day party! :)

  2. beautiful, I love little cabins. My mom when she was quilting, excelled in paper piecing-it is amazing how small and how detailed you can be with paper piecing-really nice Kathy

  3. Cute finish. Amazing what a little time in the UFO pile will do...

    Fun kitties!

  4. silly kitty. I just love your little cabin and trees. the border fabric is perfect.

  5. hehe!!! Yes, we know all about "Babysitting" at every cat meal. . . And doesn't it crack you up how the camera misreads colors so easily? Your cabin is adorable. A very cool UFO to work on!

  6. Hi!!! Your paper piecing looks great!!! Very pretty block!!! Love your kitties too!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  7. Nice cabin in the woods. The paper piecing looks great. I have a paper pieced UFO that's on my list to finish this year. I've not done much...well really only just one block. I love the moose fabric. Those cats are so silly. I noticed Jax looked like he was laying down in that first pic. Cats are all so different. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hey love seeing that cabin almost finished, it is a favorite paper piecing of mine. Could it really be that long ago??

  9. Cute, cute, cute fabric and your cabin is wonderful.

  10. Congratulations on almost finishing your UFO, thanks for sharing!

  11. Love the cabin pattern! The wonky tree is the best! I've been meaning to ask you - what ty[e of camera do you use as your pciutures are always so crispt and wonderful!


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