Friday, February 1, 2013

February Goals

A new month... a fresh start... all things are possible. I just LOVE turning the calender over!

January was a really productive month but it got a bit scrambled towards the end for my liking. Some things were out of my control but others can be learned from going forward. I think my UFO single minded focus got a bit too narrow and I ended up short changing my fun/reward sewing... in fact I still have a New Project Reward "on the books" that I haven't even picked out yet and I'm already halfway to my next one!
DaGMT is underway and I've pledged to spend 2 hours a day in February working on quilting projects. Time to put the foot pedal to the floor and just get 'er done~!

This month I'm adding my QAL projects to my goal list so they don't get neglected. I have a pincushion swap coming up at the end of March but would like to get them done this month. Notice how I put those Christmas Stockings at the top of the list? I did piece & quilt the front of #2 this week. Baby steps.
I'm getting a little bored of random FMQ practice but not feeling quite up to a full quilt yet. I came across a group on Threadbias last week that is making a block a month to improve their FMQ skills. That seems to be a nice next step for me, plus I've wanted to try QAYG (Quilt As You Go) so this will give me a chance to use that technique. For January through March they are using Depression blocks which I love (here is one from I think I'll make some up with scraps and use them as practice sandwiches for the next few weeks.
And, since I'm having so much fun playing around with walking foot quilting on Mr. Juki I want to take advantage of that and build up my stack of Project Linus quilts working toward my goal of donating 50 this year. Not to mention that my new Juki F600 is all set up and raring to go. I have a lot of GREAT reasons to get busy in my quilting room!

So, here's what I've settled on for my February Goals. My project for a Year of Lovely Finishes will be #5 Paper Pieced Cabin & Trees topper.

1-Finish Christmas Stockings 2,3 & 4
2-Finish Four Patch & Friends Quilt
3-Finish Spring Flowers Quilt
4-Finish Shabby String Quilt
5-Finish PP Cabin & Trees Topper
6-Finish 5 Project Linus Quilts
7-RSC13 & And SEW On (Jan & Feb) Blocks
8-Threadbias QAL Reverse Applique Pillow
9-Threadbias QAYG Blocks (FMQ)
10-HGTV Pincushion Swap

To see project pictures associated with goals 1-6 take a peek at my Q1 2013 UFO Progress Tab above. If all goes well, I'll be trimming my UFO Collection by 10 in February!

I'm linking up to Just ThreeMonthly To-Do List Linky Party and A Year of Lovely Finishes. Go take a peek and see what other bloggers have planned for their February Fun.


  1. 2 hours a day. Sometimes it is tough for me to get 10 minutes. Good luck with all your UFOs.

  2. That's the way to work thru the stack....a little every day. For the FMQ practice.....just a thought, make placemats. I must have done at least 20 or 30 for practice, some good some not so hot, and I ended up with gifts and useful things. And they are a good size to work on.

  3. Hi Deb... Thanks for linking up this month... but please give a shout out somewhere in your post about the Monthly To-Do List Linky Party and link back to my blog in the shout out... This helps spread the word so the linky party has a chance to grow. Thanks so much.

  4. Way To sew Deb! These days I can't seem to get my act together, spending too much time at the keyboard than the cutting board :)

  5. I see you have a lot of "finish up" projects on your list. Just think how great that is going to be when you do. Good luck of your Feb list.

  6. Good luck with your February goals!

  7. Great goals for February Deb......gulp.....guess I had better list some too! Sounds like you are really having fun with your new machine!

  8. I found that if I don't make lists that I don't get alot done. That is why I joined the monthly to do list. XX Kathleen

  9. Good luck on your 10 finishes for Feb.

  10. That's a very ambitious list but I'm sure you can do it! Isn't it fun to finish things up?!?

  11. WOW...I would be happy to finish all that in a year!!!
    I'm cheering for you ! :-)

  12. I'm with Liz!! I think for me to list 10 goals of such proportion would overwhelm me!! Good luck!

  13. Excellent list. There is a lot to get done :)

  14. I like the idea of the QAYG. Have fun with that! And have fun with getting to do 2 hours of quilting every day. Sure wish I could keep that up. Can't wait for this degree to be finished. :D

  15. It's an ambitious list, good luck with it.

  16. Great goals. Good luck with Feb. finishes.


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