Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lots of Wednesday WIPs

I look forward to a productive day today... I have several projects that are close to the finish line and that is always exciting! Especially at month end.

My quilting binge for Project Linus continues, the top 2 are done and ready for trimming and machine binding. I'm going to do some lines of quilting down the center strips on the bottom quilt (aren't those the cutest cats!). My husband thinks I should keep this one. It's pretty rare for him to comment on my kid's quilts so I might have to consider it.
Remember my post about The State of My Stash and the big reveal that was supposed to happen 2 days ago? My major downfall of any organizing project is my absolute tendency to 1) get sidetracked and 2) make it an even bigger project.
I've been reading all over the net about quilters using comic boards to store their stash, so I ordered a package of 100 from to try it out. As I was sorting through my fabrics that needed a home I started wrapping them and I really like this!

I was already folding them to fit my shelves, but adding the board makes it a little sturdier and easier to pull out a fabric without toppling the pile. My plan is to put my new fabrics on boards, and over time I'll pull out a stack and wrap them while watching TV or listening to an audiobook.

I'll post pics of my cleaned up stash closets over the weekend.

What's Hot:
  • Quilts for Project Linus
  • Christmas Stockings - might be a late night sewing session as I'm determined to get these DONE!
  • PP Cabin & Trees Topper - quilting and binding
  • Four Patch & Friends - I found a scrap of fabric that I liked for the small inner border around the quilt and ordered some yardage on Feb. 13. When it hadn't arrived I emailed, then called last Friday. Not sure what happened, but the package was mailed Saturday and they gave me a discount for the delay.  It arrived yesterday.
What do you think?

The quilt in the book used a Moda Marble in a bluish green. I tried using several small florals from my stash, but none of them really grabbed me. I had a Moda Scrap Bag of Sunkissed that had a grey and white swirly print on the outside that caught my eye and when I unwrapped the bundle I found this. It's unexpected... but I think I like it. I'll have to futz with it to make it horizontal on the vertical strips.

Another option might be a small stripe?  It's hard to pick a tone on tone because of the wide variety of colors used in the blocks. Or I could use the white background for a safe choice.

Again, what do you think?

What's Not:
  • HGTV Pincushion Swap - next month!
  • Threadbias QAYG (FMQ) - the blocks are done but I'm stalled (again!) on FMQ
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  1. I just bought some of that lovely pink/gray text fabric! It is oh-so-yummy!!! I have no idea what I'll use it for, but I got a few coordinates too so I could get busy when the right pattern strikes me :*)

  2. Deb, Love the bright colors in your quilt. The text fabric looks onscreen like a lovely soft grey/pink and I think would go better with pastels or softer colors. You have several yellows and greens. Maybe a tone-on-tone in one of those. I don't think white would work as your signature strips would 'run" into them.
    love your blog. Keep up the good work!

  3. I've been converting all of my fabrics (a yard or more) to comic boards the last few months. It makes everything so much neater and easier to see what you have! You will be glad you did.

  4. I'm impressed with your organization! I have too much to do what you did in smaller sizes, but I think it's brilliant--bravo to you. I love that Sweetwater fabric--I made a whole quilt out of the line--so I always think it's wonderful.

    Good to see your projects!

    Elizabeth E.

  5. Great progress. I have had on my list I want to do at least 1 donation quilt a month. Haven't got that far yet. Maybe in March I'll do 3.
    I have a couple of tops complete though for family so I did accomplish some. I need to get the camera so I can photo and share. Never seems to be sunny enough when I have time and think of it!
    Thank you for sharing yours and giving me inspiration. Oh I meant to say I like the wavy lines of quilting on the top one. The x quilt inspired me to try.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  6. Last month, I finally remembered to stop at the Comic Book Store. I bought a pkg of 100 boards. I've only been quilting for two years so I figured this would be plenty for my 1 yard or less fabrics. I was two short - yea! I'm slowly building a stash. I also stopped at Hancock Fabrics & picked up their empty bolts for my larger pieces. Still need about 30 or 40 more of those. Everything looks so pretty - all lined up on the shelves in my sewing closet.

  7. Project Linus is blessed to have you ; )

  8. You are the quilt production queen! Your local Linus chapter must adore you. I have a question about your machine binding. Do you attach it to the back and fold it over to the front, or the other way around? Also, do you use a straight stitch or a decorative one for the final step?


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