Friday, December 7, 2012

What Brings Me JOY - Giveaway Day Winner!

I had no idea how big of an event Giveaway Day was! I really enjoyed reading everyone's comments about what brings them joy.  I was only able to respond to a few of you as the number of comments overwhelmed me (and my inbox!).  So many of you posted about your families and that is such a lovely thing to be joyful about.

On Monday after I posted my giveaway I jotted down that memories bring me joy... making them and remembering them. I look at this magnet on my refrigerator every morning when I grab my favorite Coconut Cream Coffee-mate.
Here are some of my favorite Christmas memories.

-  Singing "Silent Night" at Candlelight Christmas Eve service while I was growing up. The last services I attended there before my parents moved always brought tears to my eyes... so special when the church goes dim and all you see are rows and rows of candles.
-  My daughter on Christmas Eve at 18 months. "Presents! More Presents?" was said many, many times. Our tradition is to open gifts one by one going from the youngest to the oldest. She helped open about 95% of the gifts that night. Lots of "Thank YOU!" even when the gifts weren't hers.
-  My son on Christmas Eve at almost 2. He was (and is still is) quite the opposite of his sister. He opened one gift and didn't want to open any more! He played happily with that toy the rest of the night. He's our quiet child.
-  My husband and I were driving up to my parents on Christmas Eve a few years into our marriage and he asked me to grab something out of the glove compartment. Inside was a beautifully wrapped little box with a diamond ring in it! We were married right out of college and never did the "big ring thing". He is such a romantic guy... which is a surprise to a lot of people.
-  We go to Kauai every 3rd year with my family. Our first visit was when my Dad retired and our daughter was 7 months old. We had 3 condos filled with extended family on that trip. Since then we've had assorted other relatives join us and we started going at Christmas 10 years ago when my husband became a teacher. On those years the trip is our gift and we don't put up a tree or decorate. When the kids were young I did small gifts for a stocking, when they got older they each picked an activity to do while we were there and now they just hang with the rest of us and enjoy making memories.

The winner of my Joy by Kate Spain for Moda charm pack was...

It's all about the memories!


  1. Nothing like sweet memories to bring forth joy in our lives. Thank you for the generous giveaway, Deb.

  2. What a nostalgic post...when I joined a church recently one of the questions we were all asked was how we got interested in Christianity. My mom was a professional flute player (flautest) and so we went along with her to all the Christmas services to hear her play. Those nights were my first introduction to church and I loved holding the candle and singing Silent Night, too. It is one of my most beloved memories of God working in my life before I even recognized it! Such a beautiful song and memory for me. Thank you!

  3. Your first 2 memories match mine in essence. Christmas Eve midnight service ending with Silent Night and opening gifts one by one youngest to oldest.

    Congrats to the winner.


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