Thursday, December 13, 2012

Quilt Room Progress - Part 1

Remember this post two weeks ago when I laid out my goals to make my quilt room a happier place?  And, how I wrote that I was going to post about my progress each Thursday in December?  Well, last week had no post because there was NO progress but today I'm ready to share...

Goal #1. Reorganize this closet. Right now there are things in here that belong elsewhere in the house and I can free up space for more quilting storage.

After: Now that I've thinned some of my hanging UFO quilt tops I was able to rearrange and roll in my bead storage unit. One less piece of furniture in the room! From left to right: UFO quilt tops on hangers, crazy quilting laces & trims storage unit, bead storage unit, tower of totes holding 5" charm squares and my collection of 2.5" strips.
Look at those bright shiny open shelves ready to be filled!  All of our closets have fluorescent lighting which is so wonderful.
On the left top shelf are my bins of crazy quilt fancy fabrics sorted by color. The bottom shelf holds beading binders, magazines and books.
On the right top shelf are more crazy quilt fabrics and supplies in file boxes. Below from left to right: a stack of 6" charm squares, a bin of batik 2.5" strips with my lace dying supplies on top, a stack of 5" Christmas charms that you can barely see, a stack of bins for DMC floss, perle cotton, ribbon & yarns and a stack of embellishments for crazy quilting.
Whew!  Looking good huh?

Goal #2. Clear off two shelves on this book case for additional storage.

Goal #3. Sort through the quilting books and patterns in the pastel bins on the bookshelves. Label each bin for easy reference.

Before:  Since I took this picture I have moved my cutting table next to the window and the bead storage unit is now in the closet as you've already seen.

Much better!  Too bad I didn't buy one more of those cute green baskets. And, I'm proud of myself for resisting the urge to page through every book while sorting through them.

This weeks project will be to sort through this motley interesting potential gold mine of containers to complete Goal #5. Check out my fab new Black and Decker Lithium Ion Dust Buster in the middle... this is by far the best portable vac I have ever owned!  I've been using it all morning to pick up loose threads, clean the baseboards, closet shelves and pretty much everything else. I bought mine at
Lastly, I think I'm off to a good start on Goal #6. Decide on a design wall solution. The floor isn't it! 
I've updated my Quilting Room Progress tab and now it's time to sew.


  1. Looks amazing!
    I pinned a flannel sheet to the wall with thumbtacks for my design wall - works well and was free, since I already had the sheet. Plus it took all of five minutes to install.

  2. Your room looks wonderful. You should be really pleased with yourself.

  3. Looking good, Deb! An inspiration to folks like me! Actually, there might be a total room change over the Christmas break. DD2 says she doesn't mind giving up her big bedroom since she doubts she will be coming home that much any more (she's a soph in college). So she said she'd help me move her bedroom out to trade with my current sewing room. I am seriously considering going ahead with this plan. It will be a monumental task.Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Nothing short of miraculous, congratulations!

  5. You have a fabulous sewing room and closet storage system. Now you'll have lots more time to sew, 'cause you'll know where everything is! Good for you!

  6. What beautiful organization! I bet it feels great.

  7. Oh my goodness!!! This looks amazing Deb :) You have been so busy and you have gotten so many projects completed at the same time! WOW It must feel so wonderful to have everything organized and tidy.

  8. Wow, it looks fabulous! I am completely sure that my sewing room will never achieve that level of organization. I think I am missing a necessary gene!

  9. This is most impressive. Everything looks great. It really is a wonderful sense of achievement when you do this. And it is so easy to find what you want!!

  10. Wow, your sewing room looks great. May I suggest to check out these 2 posts for an idea for the designwall?:

    GL and Happy 2013, may it be a good year for all of us. ;)


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