Sunday, December 30, 2012

Quilt Room Reveal

OK... Here is my quilt room ready for lots of creating finishing in 2013!  One of my last goals to spruce up my room was:

4.  Use the wall space in the sewing corner to hang shelves, peg board, cork board, thread rack and other units to get stuff off the table. And, make it look pretty too.  Before...
and After!

A couple of cork boards, a white board (I write myself notes constantly!), a drawer unit full of notions and some fun words I found at Ben Franklin last week filled up my sewing corner nicely. I LOVE having my sewing table clear, but I'm sure it won't last long.

What do you think of my spiffy new chair? My son broke the arm off his desk chair, so I moved my old one downstairs and ordered this white one. No more cat hair or threads to either cover with a towel or burn through lint rollers to keep clean! The back is mesh and the seat is nylon. I like it - a lot!

Here's a tour around the rest of the room. Backing up a bit you can see my ironing board and my closet. And my $5 Walmart torch lamp that I cannot sew without. I also use the portable OTT lamp you see on my sewing table at night. Older eyes...
Remember this photo from an earlier post? It's still looking good in there.
Next we have an item that my husband and I do NOT agree upon... but I was laid up with my broken leg and didn't see it until it was too late. This exercise unit is HUGE! I was actually told I would hardly notice it... LOL. It has been known to store fabric, quilt tops and act as temporary hanging storage for dress shirts waiting to be pressed. Can you sew, press AND work your abs in your quilting space?
The bed is a trundle so we can create a big guest bed in here or 2 twins if needed. After our son goes to college it will probably be moved downstairs along with the Ab Monster. Then I'll have a huge design wall!
Here is my cutting table flanked by UFO storage. I can't wait to free up a few of these drawers in 2013! I do my major cutting in the kitchen but this works great for trimming blocks and other quick stuff. I've got 2 things left to go on the wall - my thread rack and a peg board for my rulers. I'm debating about 3 locations for the pegboard, once I figure that out I'll hang the thread in one of the other spots.
Almost done - swinging around to my design wall...
and storage shelves. I still have have sorting to do here but I can live with it.
There you have it! I feel so lucky to have this room and am inspired to get in there and sew the rest of the day away.

My last quilt room goal is also done. I will be blogging about this tomorrow when I wrap up 2012 and look ahead to 2013.  I'm linking up to Sew Darn Crafty@Sew Many Ways.

7.  Update my UFO list for 2013 with location and next step for each UFO.


  1. Your sewing studio looks great. Mine needs some serious reorganizing right now, but I would need a week's vacation to tackle it properly.

  2. Congratulations on working through your craft room goals. Your room is looking great. What a wonderful way to start the New Year!

  3. Congratulations! Your room is great!
    Happy new year!

  4. You room looks wonderful. Well done.

  5. Your room looks lovely and very organised, well done you.

  6. Wow :) I sure do love what the hangings did for your sewing nook!

  7. That sewing room looks awesome. I'm sure you'll get a lot of finishes in there in the future. Another tip from me that I learned from friends recently is to pick up a small lamp from IKEA called JANSJÖ. It comes in various colors, is really cheap and you can attatch it to the handle on your sewing machine and then have a really nice light helping out around the needle. I can really recommend it and it doesnt get in the way when you're sewing.

    I need to look into this following on blogs thingy, so far I just keep a ton of blog bookmarks in my browser and try to visit everyone as regularely as I can. Maybe following is easier. ;)

    Thanks for following me. And have a great New Years Eve and I wish you all the best for 2013.

  8. Loving the new sewing room! The organization in your closet is amazing! Oh...and wishing you success on finishing all those lovely UFO projects:)

  9. Love your sewing room. Oh to have the space. I've spent New Year's Day organising some of my sewing stuff into a couple of portable containers and setting up a little sewing space in the family room (storage is in hubby's study) and doing a little bit of mending and alterations. Here's to a year of tackling my UFOs with a little bit of ME time.

  10. Deb you have done a wonderful job in this room. It is functional and decorative and most of all comfortable to work in. I can see lot's of finished work coming from this room :)

  11. You've done a great job with your studio. Looks cheerful and organized so you can create peacefully. I can tell you've put some thought into the arrangement.

  12. You have a great studio. I'm impressed with that organized closet. I agree about the exercise equipment, it has to go! Once you get the bed out and a better design wall area there will be an endless stream of finished projects. Both of my kids moved out the same year so I gained a guest room and studio all at once.

  13. Beautiful! Great organization and so multipurpose!
    Thanks so much for linking up!

  14. Wonderful sewing space- thanks for sharing,

  15. You have made really good use of this multi-purpose room to make it your sewing home. I wandered in from the Linky Party at Sewn today and enjoy visiting ... thanks for sharing ... :) Pat

  16. I love your room! It is particularly impressive how much you have packed into this space! Working on abs and piecing a quilt at the same that's a good use of time!

  17. I have a treadmill in my sewing room, lol! Multi-purpose spaces - ya gotta do what ya gotta do in a small house like mine!


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