Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Finish That is NOT a UFO

Tucker and I have a good morning routine. After he has breakfast at 7:00 he snags my sewing chair for a morning snooze while I drink my coffee and use the computer in another room. This was the look I got when I claimed it was my turn this morning...
Oh I Think NOT!
I conceded gracefully, did some tidying up and settled down with some hand binding to watch the Vikings lose to the Packers. Can I tell you how I adore Adrian Peterson? Love him. 

Instead of posting about UFOs today I'm going to show you a finish on my family room table. But before that, let's talk about what has adorned that table for several years. My first quilt!
I took a beginning quilting class in January 2002 during our first winter here in northern Minnesota. We were given a copy of "Start Quilting with Alex Anderson" and had our choice of 3 quilts to make: Rail Fence, Flying Geese or Friendship Star. All 5 of us picked Rail Fence, in my case because it had no HSTs and I'm guessing I wasn't alone. We were turned loose in the quilt shop to pick a border print that we loved. Great advice that I still use today! Then our teacher worked with each of us to choose 3 color families and 3 values in each family. Let's just say there were bolts of fabric everywhere. Good times. I still love that border fabric and this quilt.  

One of the Other Crafts (per my blog title) that I enjoy is making mosaics. Here is a close-up of a tray made of tiles cut from dishes and a center cut from a dinner plate. I got into mosaics in 2004 and for a couple of years I sold mosaic tiles on eBay. One day next spring I will show you my mosaic room in our garage, projects I've made and my stash of dishes. You will laugh, because I have LOTS of dishes.  
Batik Pinwheels is finish #13 and is not a UFO. This was the project I started when I began quilting again after my 3 year hiatus in September. I bought this as a kit from my LQS within the last year thinking it might jump start my quilting mo-jo. The pattern is "A Little Twist" by This & That.
Beautiful batiks and simple quilting. I'm looking forward to trying this pattern again in a different palette as I really like it. And, it's a perfect fit for this table.
On a side note, I'm kind of fascinated by how the angle of the two photos of the quilts on the same table makes the table look like it's two different colors. Into the light (Rail Fence) is golden light and with the light at my back/side (Batik Topper) is pale light. I've got so much to learn about photography.


  1. I like all of these projects! Maybe someday when our house renovating is done, I will tile something other than bathrooms, floors and back splashes! : D

  2. beautiful projects! I love the Batik Pinwheels! It's very pretty:)

  3. These are great little quilts! Well done!

  4. Lovely projects! Long ago I read somewhere that some people use plate pieces to do mosaic by breaking pieces off - now I know (and can see) why. Your blog is an education. You are one seriously talented and creative lady!!

  5. That sure is a pretty table topper. :) And I really love the mosaic tray.

  6. AP did have a great game today even though the Vikings didn't come out the winners. Bummer! Your finishes are all beautiful. The mosaic is especially interesting and pretty.

  7. I started some glass mosaics years ago and I still have the materials...somewhere in my garage. I did a sunburst and it was going to be gorgeous, but I got sidetracked.
    I love all your projects you have pictures here. You got the photography down. The lighting will come in time!

  8. What beautiful work! ... Love quilting and patchwork, too!
    Greetings from Argentina.
    In my blog I responded to your questions about the magazine Tilda Finnanger Tonne, if you want to send the patterns to your inbox.

  9. It's the angle of incidence :) the angle the light enters your camera is the (90 degree) exact opposite of the angle the light is coming from. Think a giant letter V. I'd like to see the batik quilt pattern in different fabrics.


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