Thursday, December 6, 2012

Maybe Try a Real Camera?

I am so over the grey gloomy weather we seem to be having non-stop in Minnesota. Not only does it affect my mood after several consecutive days, but taking good blog pictures is a real challenge. I think it's time to stop trying to get by shooting my pictures with this...
which is quick, easy and always near me and finally learn how to use this.
I bought this camera several years ago with great intentions. My daughter played volleyball and ran track in high school and I wanted a good camera to take action shots. It has a setting just for that which allows you take pictures in bursts to get a series and all kinds of other features. But, shortly after I purchased it, my sister who is the real photographer in my family invested in a DSLR. It was much easier to just enjoy her photos than reinvent the wheel with my own.

I've used it over the years as a point and click and I used the Macro setting when I used to sell mosaic tiles on eBay, but I think it's time to dig a little deeper and learn what the buttons I've never touched actually do. I've yet to locate my manual, but this will do for now.
I've found a few tutorials online to play around with but I would really appreciate any tips or tricks you've learned, photography links or books that you find helpful. Leave me a comment please! I'll be asking my sister for help when we are together over the holidays too.

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  1. Photography tips - not from THIS lady. My photos suck, because my camera is always set to 'automatic'. lol Have fun mastering the camera. :)


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