Sunday, December 16, 2012

I Did It!

Warning: this will be a picture loaded post!  After 3 sessions at my machine my Thimbleberries tree skirt is completely quilted... and I love how it turned out!  This is without a doubt my most ambitious quilting effort EVER.

Here's a shot of about 2/3's of the tree skirt where you can see the overall quilting pretty well. I used cream Aurifil to outline everything that touches the background fabric. That really gave my presser lift a big workout. I have to say that needle down is one of best features ever invented!
I used dark green Gutermann thread to outline each section of the trios of trees.
Next were the stars where I used gold Gutermann thread to outline the middle squares.
 I also used the gold thread to grid quilt the corner patchwork areas.
Finally, the tree trunks were done with a gorgeous Sulky brown thread. It really pops!
 One more pic.
I thought I would show you my setup for machine quilting. My machine is on a wheeled table so I can move it out into the middle of the room and spread out. Behind it you see a 6 foot folding table I bought at Walmart. I store it in the garage and bring it in when needed. I also use it for basting quilts. You can see my leader-ender project in the bins underneath my plexiglass table.
I adore my Pfaff. She has been a pleasure to piece on for over 10 years. She has a major flaw though when it comes to machine quilting. Her throat is tiny. Not so much the width (about 6.5") but the height and the tight arch. To make it worse, the presser foot lever is jammed up in there too. I really have to be careful and plan ahead to make it work. This tree skirt is only 48" square but it was a total wrestling match for the first session. I worry about breaking that lever! Also, the buttons on the lower right to change the stitches are very easily bumped while I'm busy cramming the quilt through. I try to check the display before I start stitching to make sure it's right, but of course there are times where I get distracted and forget.
 Here's my roll of "stuffing" coming out the back side.
Back to my tree skirt... when I brought it out to the spot where our tree will be Tucker got a quick loll about on it. Then he started chewing the loose threads on the edges so I had to put it away.  
I'll get the binding on next after I cut out the center circle and and cut a path for the skirt edge. I'm really looking forward to turning off the machine and relaxing with my thread & needle sewing down the binding tonight. The tree is finally going up tomorrow!


  1. Gorgeous tree skirt...quite a project! Love the fabrics and love your quilting. Well done!

  2. Quilting on a machine with a small throat is a real struggle as the projects get larger. You've done well. This tree skirt is lovely and definitely worth the time you put into it.
    Nothing says Christmas quite like Thimbleberries fabrics, stars, and trees.

  3. Gorgeous finish! I know all about trying to stuff a quilt through a small opening. Enjoy your tree skirt this year!

    1. I have a pfaff like yours. It has a locking stitch function. I agree it is frustrating to accidently hit a button that changes the stitch setting. Try holding the mirror image key in for a few seconds and a lock will appear on the screen. The stitch is then locked until you push the key again or turn off the machine. The mirror image key is the 4th key to the right under the screen. If you do not have this function ask your dealer to install it. This was a fix after the problem you have was discovered. It came installed on later machines.

  4. Deb, it is so pretty! I Iike your sewing set up, the plexi is so big! I have that too but not as big. I'm hoping to get the gidget 2 table next year. I use the dining room table, we never eat there! Love your kitty, they always like to be in the pictures!

  5. Oh, it's very pretty! That must be frustrating to hit the stitch buttons while you're working. I'm right with you on that needle down/up feature, though - my machine has that, too, and I LOVE it with all my heart. I miss it when I'm working on my secondary machine!

  6. that is gorgeous! It says Christmas without being to gaudy as some tree skirts can be. please post a pic when you have it under the tree. by the way your sewing space is so neat and clean, I'm impressed as mine is quite embarrassing:-(

  7. Gorgeous project. I'm still on the learning curve with quilting so it was great to see your set up. Your quilting is beautiful.

  8. Great job. Tucker is a very handsome fellow. Is he a Tonkinese?


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