Wednesday, February 11, 2015

WIP Wednesday: My Sandwich Shop

Welcome to my newest work space - my Sandwich Shop! Elsa says come on in for a peek...
In late January we gave away our son's bunk beds and while we were taking them down I had an Aha! Moment. Since he is gone until the end of May why rush to order a queen sized bed right away? After all, it is right down the hall from my Quilting Room.

So I moved down my folding tables from the garage and ordered some bed risers from Amazon so that I could easily adjust the tables from sitting height to standing height. I pulled my Pfaff off the shelf and set it up for sewing together long backing seams with the marvelous built in walking foot (IDT). I also use this machine for adding borders to my tops and normally I set it up temporarily in our family room. I cleared off the little bookshelf so I'd have room for my backing fabrics and unpressed tops.
This little table near my Pfaff is ready to go with my basting supplies on top and the extra set of risers next to my Pfaff cover below. Micah made this table in shop class.
This is the opposite side of the room where you can see tops that are pressed and ready to be sandwiched hanging in front of the closet. Inside the closet are more tops on hangers and my roll of Warm & White batting.
When I'm not sandwiching a quilt I plan to use this room as a sorting station and I'm storing the 1st wave of bins to be sorted on the lower shelf of this table which Megan made in shop class. Yes, I have a matched set! 
I haven't decided if I'm going to hang that white/cork board on the wall because I found this handy whiteboard easel on Amazon. It folds flat to write on and it has whiteboard on both sides. I love it! I'm thinking I'll use the backside for calculating sizes and maybe keep a running tally of stash busted for backings just for fun.
As you can see - I am ready to make LOTS of backings. And once these are done I'm going to work ahead on my UFO list and make as many as I can so that they will be ready. I've got a new batch of audiobooks from the library all queued up and ready to sew along to. I think this setup will bring me one GIANT step closer to the Finish Line because I enjoy the quilting and binding stages.

I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday@Freshly Pieced.


  1. What a wonderful set-up. I'm excited for you. By the way, I've heard that dry erase markers last longer if you store the tips pointing down.

  2. This is an awesome set-up! You may decided that when your son comes home in May, he can sleep on the sofa ;-)
    Happy back-making ~ Tracy

  3. (I love how you call it your 'sandwich shop' ~ cute! :-)

  4. What a fabulous un-cluttered space to sew in. I can't wait to see all your finishes this year.

  5. sandwich shop!! Bwahahaha
    Elsa, you are a great overseer.
    This is a grand idea... remember the feeling so that when you become a true empty nester, you'll know it's never empty! All those supplies! LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  6. Rosemary B here:
    Yes, more space for YOU and Elsa.
    Are you sure about the queen bed?
    We got two singles for our guest room and it just made for happier visitors.
    Also they are light weight enough to move one of them to another room.
    Just a thought.
    I like this set up. I have bed risers too. they are cheap and these light weight tables handle them perfectly. Isn't it great having a large brilliant brain?
    Happy Day

  7. Great space! just tell your son that he can gladly have that big cardboard box by the curb, LOL!
    Love those tables with the risers; pure genius!

  8. Awesome set-up!!!! You do have a 'ton' of tops to work with!!!!!


  10. I should have a board to make a list of my projects too.
    I need a room that could be just to keep my tables up. I know I would sure get a whole lot more done. Now I have to bring them to the living room. When the table are up I can barely get around them in here. Explains why I have 4 quilt tops done but keep procrastinating on sandwiching.

  11. I love lists!

    Fortunately, I'm almost always able to convince myself to power through basting a top. Quilting takes a bit more convincing, but I love checking quilts off the list, so I keep up. It's inspiring to read your blog and watch you conquer your list of UFOs.

  12. Well what a wonderful idea and a perfect place to be creative. Great job!

  13. Great use of the space while you have the chance. And if Elsa approves, then you are all good to go.

  14. Great use of the room. So smart to use it while it is available. The bed risers make the table a perfect work height.

  15. Great opportunity to use this space and looks as though you are all set up and ready to go.

  16. I think you should put a queen size Murphy bed in the room so you will always have the floor space available!

  17. Sounds like you are well organised for a few finishes in the near future!

  18. What a great way to use the space while you have it. Sounds like you can make a lot of progress on your UFOs. Good luck!

  19. Wow! This is perfect! What a great use of the space!


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