Monday, February 9, 2015

Wild Kingdom and a Flimsy!

Let's start with the quilting part of this post... Strip Stacks in Blue & Brown is FINALLY a flimsy! The pattern is called Strip Stacks from G.E. Designs and it is perfect for using up 2.5" strips. These blocks had been on my design wall for far too long and for no good reason.
I took this pic on Saturday after I ran outside to get pictures of our pair of eagles that frequent a tree on our lakeshore fairly often. Here they are on the same branch carefully watching the activities on the ice.
Sadly they flew off while I was walking out on the lake to get a better picture of them (and I totally missed their impressive takeoff from behind the camera too) but this is what they are entranced by - ice fishermen who leave them "treats" after cleaning their catch. They swoop down and then return to the same limb for dinner. They are definitely birds of prey and of habit.
From my perch at the computer in the upper right window I can see them easily and sometimes I hear them chattering from elsewhere in the house. They can be very vocal and sometimes the crows and other birds get very screechy in response. Lots of commotion!

If you look closely at the bottom window you can see my some rulers and some red containers on my cutting table... yes, that is my Happy Place aka Quilting Room. Here's one more eagle pic showing their pretty white tail feathers.
Yesterday late afternoon I was startled by the sound of tapping on our family room window adjacent to my Quilting Room and was MORE than startled to see this.
Wild turkeys! Boy was Elsa obsessed... no growling or hissing but she just sat and watched their every move. I've never seen them in our yard before and I kind of hope they don't make a habit of it. I much prefer the eagles.


  1. What a pretty view. And I love your flimsy.

  2. Great view. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. I saw a pair of eagles last week -- I was sure they were there, id heard them call a few times, but I'd never actually seen them! Unfortunately, I can't see them from the sewing room because the awning over the deck blocks my view; I have to go out on the deck at the right time -- and I'd miss a lot of sewing time waiting for what might never happen!

  4. Wow! I would be enraptured with both sets of birds! There are two eagle's nests on my route to work and I never get tired of watching for the birds. Too bad the nests are along the interstate - I can't stop for photo ops!

  5. The flimsey is great....a clean design wall always feels good. You have beautiful views.....and enjoyed the post on all your birdly visitors. Those turkeys would have scared me!

  6. What an awesome place to sit and stitch!
    Love the cat picky - oh if only they could all speak eh?!

  7. Wow - my cat would *love* to be visited up close by a flock of turkeys. :) He was freaked out big time for a few minutes when some mule deer visited the yard a few months ago, but soon decided they were fascinating. Yay for the flimsy!

  8. Awesome wildlife in your yard. We used to get lots of wild turkeys in our yard until we have a mountain lion move into the valley behind us. Now they don't come around much. The bald eagles around here tend to nest in the river valley so we see them once in awhile. I'll bet Elsa was thrilled to watch those big birds.

  9. I do like this quilt flimsy! It looks great against the snow.
    Love the pics of the wildlife!

  10. I like the brown and blues. Wild turkeys could break the glass if the started pecking at it. I wouldn't want they're company either.


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