Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I always have a hard time getting back into my quilting room after a break and this week has been no exception. I have been in the mood instead for making lists and organizing so I'm making progress on cleaning up some closets in the laundry room where I store my stash among other things.

Before (October 2012) and today:
As I've mentioned before I'm starting to run low on yardage for Project Linus backings so I've decided to create a storage area on the top shelf of this pantry style closet for backing fabrics. I've got a stack of flannels on the left and will be adding cottons to the left as I continue to sort through my stash closet.

The middle shelf is now mostly Someday Projects and a few bins of sorted scraps. The lower shelf is unsorted scraps which I will be going through in January. No more UFOs here!

I'm debating between adding another column of blocks on Primary D9P or adding borders... I need to look through my stash and see what I can come with.
What's Hot:
  • Primary D9P to flimsy stage.
  • Quilting Cool Sparkles.
  • Brown crossroads blocks for RSC13.
  • "And Sew On" blocks - trying for 2 more blocks(still!).
What's Next:
  • Quilting Arkansas Crossing.
  • Quilting Scrappy Chevrons.
  • Assembling Blue & Yellow Strings.
  • Assembling "And Sew On" blocks.
With the middle of the month coming quickly it's time to get busy again! How are you doing on your monthly goals?


  1. Seeing your newly organized shelves makes me want to go clean out my stash closet. Won't happen tonight however because I'm going to a college basketball game after work. But maybe over the weekend? I'm going to challenge myself to clean up and reorganize at least 1 drawer or shelf area. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Ярко, сочно, красочно!

  3. It looks great. As I look at my list of UFO's it is really dwindling as well. I am in the same boat, I need to reorganize my scraps and leftover fabric as well as the fabric I have bought to make projects. I have more "kited" projects now than UFO's, so next year will be the year of new & challenging quilts.

  4. I'm so far behind it's ridiculous, but Hubby and the kids come before quilting!

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