Tuesday, November 26, 2013

70 Little Pieces

Introducing "I Like Big Stash" - block 9 of 9 for Kristy at Quiet Play's "And Sew On" BoM. This block was constructed from 11 sections with 70 pieces of fabric (some very tiny!) and I am loving how it turned out. The colors in this 1st pic are correct... the 2nd is a little washed out on my cutting table as I look at them now.
Making the stash shelves was great fun. I had saved these little slivers from making my Schnibbles quilt using Bonnie & Camille's "Marmalade" line so mixed them in with my "Sew Stitchy" scraps to create my fabric piles. I chose to make the basket on the bottom shelf red to match my IKEA bins under my cutting table. Love the pile on the floor without a home... just like I often have!

Next up is to get them sashed with the white pins fabric and start unpicking lots of paper. Hopefully I can get it quilted tomorrow so I can sew down the binding while we travel over Thanksgiving. I've decided on basic quilting to hold things together and then I will be adding some hand work to some of the blocks over the winter. A little embroidery, some hand quilting, some buttons perhaps are what I have in mind.

I'm A-OK with this plan... it takes the pressure off so I can just get it done now and make it "perfect" later. I don't consider many of my projects to be "masterpiece" level but this one comes close and I have lots of ideas bouncing around in my head but need them to settle down into a plan.

I've decided not to show you all 9 blocks together until it is done... rest assured that they are making me very happy today!

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  1. too cute. I love having a peek into your stash. :0)

  2. These blocks are so cute - and so many teeny tiny pieces!! Wow. Love that pin fabric you found for sashing. So appropriate.

  3. What darling blocks, Soooo many pieces!

  4. great plan. It looks amazing so far :-)

  5. That block is just too cute! Makes me want to riffle through the shelves and see what's there!

  6. Love it 0 especially the fabric at the side. So true to life in many of our sewing rooms. Have a great trip! Stay safe.


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