Tuesday, November 19, 2013

One of Those Days...

I hadn't planned to do a post today but it is one of those days where I'm zigging instead of zagging so I might just as well!

I started out this morning thinking that I needed to clear off my cutting table so I can sandwich two quilts... then I remembered that my cleaning friend is coming tomorrow instead of Thursday so I really should get the floor cleared and tidy up a bit. So I put on some peppy music and got started.

Suddenly (it seems) I'm starving and still in my pajamas at 1 PM after a morning of sorting through this, that AND the other thing! I took some quick iPhone pics from the door
 and from the cutting table to share my productive chaos.

As you can see, I DID achieve one goal as the floor is clear. But guess what? I'm getting an AMAZING amount of sorting done putting like with like and it's all good! I moved in that shelf you see in the corner of the first picture to reclaim some vertical storage space even though it means I have to rehang some wall decor.

Those bins and boxes you see laying everywhere are either being emptied and or being filled with things that belong together which is long overdue. And some things "gone missing" have been found. I'm even looking forward to getting back to it after something to eat besides the bagel I just wolfed down and a shower!

Yesterday I was on a paper piecing groove working on these little bits.
Which magically turned into this! "Cut it Out" is block 8 of 9 for "And Sew On".  The light colored patch on the lower left will have lines of embroidery added to show that it is a ruler - so cute!
And I even got started on Block #9 which is called "I Like Big Stash". It's another challenging one but I had a blast making my stash piles last night and I'll get back at it tomorrow. I think I'm finally feeling like a bona fide Person Who Can Paper Piece!

I'll be back tomorrow with a super organized quilting room and my regular WIP Wednesday post.


  1. Productive chaos is a wonderful term of phrase!! My sewing room was left in a state of unproductive chaos this week unfortunately. I headed out of state for work on Sunday and left several projects lying around in a state of disarray. But they'll be waiting for me when I get home again Friday.

  2. My room looked the same way last night, until I went through a quick clean so I could sew. Two days without sewing makes for a very crabby momma.

  3. You are so very creative and productive, thanks for sharing your whirlwind process with us. I laughed to spot one of the Fat Quarter Shop's invoice envelopes in the foreground on your desk. Those are such nice quality paper, aren't they? Whatever shall we do with those?

  4. Cute block!! And yay for progress tidying the sewing room :)
    Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one who cleans house in her jammies, lol!

  5. Love your organization process! Tell me you at least had some serious caffeine before you jumped in! What a nice feeling (and what a nice room...I know I am repeating myself here!) to have things organized! And those paper pieced blocks are just spectacular!

  6. Aughhhh these are some of my very favorite studio days!!! (Love how bright your sewing room is!)

  7. Must be something in the air, yesterday I found myself pottering and having a bit of a tidy in my very neglected playroom.

  8. My room looks the same most of the time. I don't make my cleaning lady go in there!


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