Friday, November 1, 2013

October In Review

The first day of the month is so exciting... filled with endless possibilities. And it's extra fun to turn the page when the previous month was a productive one. I love that my UFO tab on the blog keeps shrinking and that my year end goal is within reach (less than 25 UFOs in my Collection).

In October I finished 6 UFOs which makes me VERY happy! My favorite October Finish is Thimbleberries Jacob's Ladder because not too long ago I would not have had the confidence to quilt it myself.

I also finished 1 WIP and worked on my blocks for RSC13.
1. Kitchen Sink Feed Sacks, 2. Birds in the Air Blocks, 3. Crossroads Blocks

My October Goal List ended up looking like this:

1-UFO#1 TB Jacobs Ladder-DONE!
2-UFO#2 Pandora's Box in Teal-DONE!
3-UFO#3 Mod Art-DONE!
4-UFO#4 Bright Hopes-DONE!
5-UFO#5 QOV 9 Patch-DONE!
6-UFO#6 Scrappy Snowball-DONE!
7-And Sew On Blocks*
8-RSC13 Blocks-DONE!
9-Finish 1 WIP-DONE!
10-NewFO Project-DONE!
*In Progress

Not too shabby at all! Mr. Juki and I had a good time doing lots of quilting and I'm hoping for more of the same this month. Getting UFOs/WIPs to the Finish Line will continue to be my mantra through year end. In my thinking 2013 WIPs become UFOs on January 1st... so it's time to push on those too. November weather tends to be dreary so it's a perfect month to aim big.
  • Finish 8 UFOs
  • Finish 2 WIPs
  • RSC13 Blocks
  • Finish "And Sew On" BoM
  • NewFO Project
My goal for A Year of Lovely Finishes will be to make the remaining 3 paper pieced blocks for "And Sew On", put them together into a finished wall quilt AND hang it up. I tend to procrastinate on the hanging part which is so silly! Here is a new picture of the 6 completed blocks.


  1. You have gotten so much done! Hurray! Great projects, and don't you feel fabulous to have them completed?

  2. Applause, applause!! Very exciting and fabulous finishes in October, Deb. Way to go!

    Here's to a very productive November.

  3. You are just *jammin* on those UFO finishes!!! :D

  4. Your end-of-month reports are always so impressive. You get so much done, young lady!! I envy your energy and focus to accomplish the finishes on such a steady basis.
    Where in the world did you find the paper-pieced patterns for the impressive sewing blocks. My eyes went HUGE when I saw them. Love them !!

  5. Congratulations on getting so much done. You are so focused. I wish I was more than I am. Nice work, Deb.

  6. WOW!! Whatever you are on, can I have some???

  7. You are doing a great job on finishing UFOs. When I went way back reading your blog I see you started with more UFOs than I have, and I thought I had a lot. I hope to follow your lead and get a lot done this month.

  8. You've created some beautiful quilts! And so many to finish in one month. Amazing!

  9. You have made amazing progress on your UFOs all year. You are so inspiring!

  10. Wow, such great finishes! You inspire me. Those pp blocks are so stinkin cute! Keep up the great work- you go girl!

  11. I just love those "sewing" blocks. I know you will meet your goals.

  12. That is amazing! 6 quilts! Congrats on all your finishes. And I love your sewing blocks :)

  13. Wow! I love your finishes, and I absolutely can't get over those sewing room blocks. They're so intricate and amazing and adorable.... :-)

  14. Beautiful projects. Congrats on all those finishes!


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