Monday, May 20, 2013


We are having much needed rain today and since my husband was busy putting down fertilizer on our lawn yesterday a timely one at that. I love the sound of steady rain on the roof. It's a good day to make some to-do lists and try to narrow my focus - things need to start hitting the done column ASAP around here!

A week ago today my daughter and I made our first visit to IKEA in Minneapolis. What fun! I think we both left with more ideas than we came with and I know I'll be back soon. We actually made a second trip back later after some time at the Mall of America for some items we forgot to pick up after seeing them in the showroom for a total of 3 trips through the checkout! My daughter is moving to a new apartment so between the two of us we covered the whole showroom and then some.

Then we spent the night with my sister who lives in St. Paul so it was nice to mix in some family time too. We made a stop at Trader Joe's on our way out of town and had a full truck of goodies to divy up between us before my daughter headed home Tuesday afternoon.
Something that wasn't on my list but is the first thing I've put to use is this wonderful LED light. I have no idea why I only bought one... I guess I thought at $9.99 it couldn't be that powerful.
Look at that bright circle of light! My eyes are so grateful and I will be getting one for my other sewing table next trip. I think I'll pick up some extras for my next blog giveaway too.
My big purchase consisted of two Expedit shelving units for my dream cutting table that I posted about HERE. I also bought one of these cute carts (love the color!) that I thought would be handy for shared supplies between my two sewing tables.
My Gardz primer was delivered last week so now I need to get moving on my painting project. We have company coming this weekend so I want to get my machines moved out of the guestroom and get my worktables cleared and moved too. Busy week ahead...


  1. Those little lights are great! Having never been to Ikea I was anxious see it when I went to HMQS 2 weeks ago. I went to Ikea in Salt Lake and bought one in black (for my featherweight) and one in white for the white machine I use for everyday piecing. The next day I showed my new purchase at guild and 2 days later when I was back in Salt Lake I had a list of 8 more lights to pick up for quilter buddies! Now I want to go back because there were so many things I wanted, but didn't have room to bring home. :(

  2. What is the name of the light, I would love to pick one up when I am next in Minneapolis. I was there a few weeks ago, I love that place! I stocked up on feathered cushion inserts! and also had a trip to SR Harris, fabric heaven!

  3. I've never been to Ikea; clearly I am missing out. There is one about an hour away - must get one of those carts!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful trip.

    My cutting table is from IKEA. I've had it for several years...and it holds up beautifully to all sorts of projects.

  5. That is a wonderful table! I just love IKEA, and until two years ago, my closest one was 4 hours away. Since we moved to this home, it's like 20 minutes -- YAY! I really like how you used the Expedits. I have several of those units, plus other IKEA pieces in my "Momma-Cave," and think they are just the best storage idea! Your room is going to be amazing!


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