Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Goal Setting

I've updated my sidebar with my May Goals. Basically I want to finish 5 UFOs (1 for every Friday in May), start a NewFO, catch up with "And Sew On" blocks for April and May, do my blocks for RSC13 (May is bright blue!), finish one WIP and get moved into my new quilting room.

I'm going to give my 2013 goal of learning FMQ a rest in May so I can focus on keeping up with my UFOs and getting my quilting room set up. In June I'll be ready to make it a priority again.

Two of my UFOs are lap quilts that just need binding - Shabby Strings and Watercolor Spring. Come Sail Away is a Project Linus top that needs to be quilted and bound. Thimbleberries Jacob's Ladder (wall quilt) is at the needs borders stage and Easter Stacked Coins (lap quilt) needs to be assembled into a top. All very doable I think.
Shabby Strings, Watercolor Spring, Thimbleberries Jacob's Ladder & Easter Stacked Coins

Come Sail Away
I'm choosing Shabby Strings as my finish for "A Lovely Year of Finishes".

Last night I was so sore from stripping wallpaper I could hardly move! The paper is coming off pretty well, but the border adhesive is nasty. This morning I went to town and bought some ZIF gel which is working better but still a lot of scraping going on. I'm hoping to have one clear wall by the end of the day and finish up on the weekend. The upside is that I am having ample time to think about what to put where!

I have a Pinterest board that is chock full of wonderful quilt rooms and fun projects if you have some time to kill or just enjoy looking at pretty things like I do.

First on my want list is a design wall and a large cutting table. I have my eye on this table as my prototype and will need to make a trip to IKEA and enlist a friend's husband who is a handy man to help me out. Isn't it great? 4 feet by 6 feet means I could baste most of my Project Linus quilts on it easily. I love the casters so I can push it against the wall when necessary. And, the storage! IKEA has all kinds of baskets, bins and even drawers that fit these shelves.
You can read all about it HERE at IKEA Hackers blog.

For my design wall I'm going to follow THIS tutorial from Cut to Pieces. I haven't decided if I'm going to attach it to the wall or just lean up against it. Our floor boards are kind of tall and the wall I want to use has a drop header so it's not a normal height wall.

I'd better get back to scraping!  I'm linking up to Nothing But UFOs in 2013@A Passion For Applique.


  1. What kind of energy drink/foods do you use? I'm exhausted just reading your plans! Love the Shabby Strings.....btw, can I use photo of it in a future post on string quilts and layouts?
    I grabbed a couple of your quilting room ideas from Pinterest. I also have need for a cutting table when I get that new machine! My handyman/woodworker has been informed and I am pushing him to get to it soon. My design is based on the one you like, only not quite as deep and without that ledge base (ouch, I am too clumsy). And yes, for the rolling wheels....make that swivel wheels, as there is a difference. I want a peg board area on one end for the rulers.
    Wish you luck with the wallpaper....done it and hate the stuff now. Elbow grease is the only thing that really works.
    Anyway, congrats on a successful month and all your projects in progress.

  2. Oh wow! That is some cutting table! It would be good to have room for that!

    Thanks for the reminder to get my May goals up on my tab!

  3. That would be a dream cutting table for sure. I have my design walls just leaning against walls (and pipes in the basement) and prefer the slight tilt to keep pieces from falling off the wall. Also that gives me flexibility to move them to other locations for photograpy. I use flannel on mine. Some fabrics don't stick as well as others so the tilt takes care of that.

  4. That cutting table would be awesome! You would be the envy of many quilters if you get that built. That really beat my small kitchen counter top section sitting on top of file cabinets. It works, but it would be nice to have something bigger.

  5. My room needs improvement, so thanks for the link to IKEA Hackers.

  6. What an amazing cutting table. If I put that in my wee sewing room, there wouldn't be any room for me! :oD

  7. That is one awesome table. You have me wanting to redo my work is still covered in the remnants of my boys play room.

  8. I came across this picture some time ago and gave it to my hubby. I would like the spaces to fit the art bin super satchels.

  9. I'll have to add a cutting table to my new sewing room list too. One step at a time though. I need to have a usable sewing room first! Possibly within a week. I've been admiring your Come Sail Away quilt! Can't wait to see it finished!

  10. That really is a great cutting table! I'll have to check out your pinterest page. I too am in need of a sewing room re-do.
    I wish you great success on finishing up those wonderful UFO projects this month!

  11. good luck with your goals. I know you will accomplish a lot. OOO! that table is awesome. I think we would all love to own that.


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