Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

As we head into the first holiday weekend of the summer our outdoor view is actually starting to resemble the date on the calendar! Some of the leaves are starting to pop and 3 days of rain has given our lawn some much needed moisture.

My daylilies are growing like gangbusters.
This Nanking Cherry shrub is providing my first bloom of the season.
And the dock and boat are in and ready for summer fun. A few warm days and the water should be good for my first paddle around the lake. I'll do a post in June about my love for SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding).
I've also got flats of bedding plants stored in the boat garage ready to plant... our forecast shows that tonight is the last night of near frost so maybe I'll get some into pots between graduation parties and family time this weekend.

Last night my husband and I moved furniture up and down the stairs for a good workout! I feel like I'm working on a puzzle of sorts as we are shifting furniture between 3 rooms. Our walkout hallway to the lake is our "staging area" and I'm down to just a few boxes and my old cutting table. I've also been doing some purging of boxes in our storage room and making regular trips to the local thrift shop and the dump over the last 2 weeks.

Here is a peek into my new quilting room. The furniture is pulled away from the walls so I can prime, paint and steal in some sewing time too. I'm failing miserably on my May goals, but it feels GREAT to be clearing out unneeded STUFF all over the house and while I'm in that mode I'm running with it! Trust me, the Urge to Purge doesn't happen often enough around here...
This morning I'll get the room taped and ready for priming tomorrow. I've decided to use a light buttery shade of yellow instead of the lemon yellow currently on the lower walls. It's starting to come together and now that the machines are in there I'm super anxious to get the walls done!

35 6th graders are due at 11:00 for an end of the year cookout and swimming invasion party along with 2 teachers (my husband is one of them), 2 aides, a lifeguard and a friend who does all the grilling. You would not believe how much noise they make! I will be long gone before they arrive... this is so NOT my thing.


  1. Your yard looks lovely! Enjoy your new sewing space too : )

  2. Your home looks beautiful. Can't wait for your room to be ready for you to use.

  3. What a beautiful post! The view down to the water is spectacular! How lovely that you have this every day! And I am so excited for you and your new sewing room! I love having my own little, bright room to play in. So impressed that the water is warm enough for the kids to swim in...but then again, we are talking kids! Can't wait to see your post on SUP! ...from your kayaking follower!

  4. Your yard and the lake are looking pretty. Sounds like you are ready to enjoy the summer!

    And I love the sunshine in your sewing room. Sunshine is the thing I miss the most in my own sewing area. It is a basement room with a large egress window, so the light is much less intense than if it was a normal window. And the view is ground level - even though it looks out into my gorgeous yard. But the size of my sewing room is so good that I know I won't move it.

  5. Buttery yellow! Yaaay! I know you will be pleased with it. I love it in my sewing room. Just how far north are you? We are in south-central Ohio, and we are quite a bit farther along in the spring flowering activity than you are. The lake looks quite enticing, by the way...


  6. What lovely photos! Sounds like you have wonderful plans ahead of you.


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