Saturday, May 4, 2013

Oh My Aching...

Hands! Which look NOTHING like this at the moment.

Taking down wallpaper is an Evil Task.  After hours of work I am looking at this...
Little bits of stubborn wallpaper backing.  And this...
A skin of paste from the border adhesive.

A putty knife or rubber tipped gloves just do not work as well as fingertips to give those edges the nudge they need to peel off.  The ONLY thing I am thankful for is that I didn't paper the entire wall 11 years ago! And, I've already promised myself a paraffin wax manicure/pedicure as my Wallpaper Removal Reward.

Hopefully I will move on to spackling tomorrow and priming on Monday.


  1. UGH!!!! Vinegar and water solution should help loosen and dissolve the paste. My hands hurt for you. But it will look great when you are done.

  2. oh, what a job. that is why I will never put up wall paper or buy a house with it on the walls. Hope your hand feel better soon so you can do something you like to do.

  3. Ooo, yukky! We're renovating too and it's just not good for my hands (although I am wearing gloves most of the time)! Enjoy the manicure!


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