Friday, May 24, 2013

Moving Forward

Today I finally opened up the box, took out Shabby Strings and Watercolor Spring and trimmed them for binding. I posted about how my LAQ mixed up the backings when she quilted these tops for me HERE in late March.

After two months, I guess I'm ready to accept reality and move on. Unpicking the quilting on two lap size quilts would have been not only tedious but might have made me even more unhappy with them. It probably was just wishful thinking on my part to even consider it. I picked out a different binding (lavender floral with tiny roses) for Shabby Strings that works with both sides of the quilt.
These fabrics are just so pretty!
I'm thinking there will be some downtime during the next week that will be perfect for hand sewing the binding while I'm resting my painting arm. I still need to get a few UFOs to the Finish Line this month.


  1. Kudos for you for binding them and moving on. My heart just broke as I read the story but they are still beautiful and you will grow to love them, I am sure.

  2. Yeah! Glad to see you finishing these up. You will love them when they are done. You can only look at one side at at time. Just put them both on top of you and pretend they are coorect.

  3. I think they will both be gorgeous! Glad you are getting them done.

  4. Moving forward is much better for you. It's just a lesson learned! Enjoy the final stitches of your binding. Both quilts are beautiful.

  5. The quilts are beautiful anyway but I know you will wince for a long time over the longarmer's mistake. I had a longarmer who forgot to center a pieced backing and did not even grant me a refund. (I use someone else now). The quilt is on my bed and I love the front anyway. Good for you for accepting it and finishing these fine quilts!

  6. I really like string quilts. There is so much pretty on the front that soon the back will be a distant memory ; )


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