Friday, January 9, 2015

November & December Reads

Surprise... another catch up post! I missed the December Bibliophile Files link up over at sarah did it! so today will be two months in one. My Goodreads Challenge Goal was to read 130 books in 2014 and I ended up with 151 on my list. Unfortunately I set up my 2015 goal while on vacation and forgot to take a screen shot of my 2014 final tally so I'll sub in a cute picture of Elsa instead.
She hasn't seen my real camera in awhile and seems puzzled don't you think?

Out of the 24 books I've read since I last posted I do have several that earned 4 star ratings from 5 of my favorite authors. I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite among these - they were just that good! 
  • One Plus One by JoJo Moyes
  • Eyes of a Child by Richard North Patterson
  • Deadline by John Sandford
  • The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty
  • The Son by Jo Nesbo
I've set my Goodreads Challenge at 150 books for 2015 since I plan to continue my 2 pronged reading plan of listening to library audiobooks while walking/crafting and trimmed the unloved/unneeded books from my personal library. I'm adding a new twist this year however.
Each month I'm going to pull at least 5 books off my shelves to read/reread and these are my January selections. It's easy to be drawn to new books as they appear on my iPad library app so I'm thinking this will keep me focused on working through the books I already own.

I missed the Elsa sniff test pic but she approves as winter reading involves a quilt to cover me and a spot for her on my lap. If I'm not under the quilt she will stand next to me on the sofa and paw at the quilt resting over the sofa back as a not so subtle reminder to get with the program! Some of you have commented on how big Elsa has grown and she would like you to know that she is a petite girl at 9.6 lbs. under all that fur.

Elsa is a total sun worshipper and this is her usual spot during my computer time if the weather is cooperating. This pic really shows off her pretty colors. She has a little bit of everything... stripes, splotches and the back of her legs are all black. Her fur is so soft and fine that she barely sheds at all which seems impossible.

Since I wrote the last paragraph she has flopped over to warm her other side. Smart girl!


  1. Elsa is one smart cookie to warm both sides in the sun and remind you to use your quilts. LOL. My Zorro has fur that is soft and fine and barely sheds...It's generally medium length except for his britches which I find hilarious but he won't let me rub is belly or britches. Congrats on reading so many books last year. I can't even fathom that many in one year!

  2. What a great combo: quilts and books! Elsa agrees.

  3. I remember when you rescued her, she sure has blossomed. I think she's the prettiest cat ever.

  4. See, I told you more Elsa pics! Also, 9.6 pounds and no shedding! No fair. CC weighs in at 13 pounds, plus another pound of fur, and she sheds, and the vet says she's still not done growing. She's a monster!
    I also started earmarking books on my shelves to read and then let go, but it turns out I haven't read most of them for a reason. So I ended up in the library (and raiding my son's bookshelf!) anyway.

  5. Rosemary B here:
    She is a beauty. what would we do without our fuzzy babies?
    I do not read books much lately. I really need to start- books on tape would be perfect for me.
    I am going to try it this year. I am mainly interested in History, classics and perhaps some others that might be interesting. I am going to see how this works this year. Thanks for letting me know about these books. I am going to listen to books while walking on our new Treadmill that will be placed right here in the very middle of our living space so there will be no avoiding it. Many friends tell me they stop using their equipment because it is in a location they do not enjoy. So we have a huge down stairs with the treadmill right smack in front of our tv we have a huge family room and our guests can sit on cushions on the treadmill if more seating is needed lol lol just kidding
    Happy New Year

  6. I love to read but it comes in fits and starts. I generally accomplish more in summer (January) than for the rest of the year!


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