Saturday, February 8, 2014

Olympics Organizathon Is Underway!

I have already written about my love of the Olympics this week and I've also posted about my plans to sort through my quilting stash/books and other craft stuff while watching as much of the events as I can. Last night I rather aimlessly browsed through some books while watching the Opening Ceremony (loved it!) but went to sleep last night thinking I was missing something.
To get it done, make it fun!
This little saying goes a long way for me - tedium is my enemy and fun is my friend! Whether in my quilting room or in life in general... the tasks I procrastinate on are either boring, overwhelming or require attention to detail that I just can't manage at the time. With all of this in mind I'm casting this project in a different light (and humming the NBC Opening Theme to myself)...
Olympics Organizathon
Doesn't that sound more fun already? I have a tendency to start a large project with lots of enthusiasm and have it fade midway. By "going public", making an event out of it and sharing my progress on the blog my chances of success will be greater. And, since many of us wrestle with managing our quilty stuff maybe I can give you some ideas or inspiration to tackle your own trouble spots. I love to see how other quilters organize everything from fabric to tools!
The Venues
The Stash Closet
Craft Storage Shelves(Side 1 of 2)
The Stash Pantry
Cutting Table Bins
Baskets, Boxes, Drawers, Trays, Totes

The Events*
Magazine Culling
Book Marking
Quilt Kit Making
Stash Folding
Stash Storing
Bin Clearing (Multi-day Event!)
UFO List Making (Other Crafts)
Space Planning
Scrap Managing

*More may be added
The Schedule
Saturday, February 8th - Sunday, February 23rd with Closing Ceremonies (Final Reveal) to be posted on Monday, February 24th. I will be posting about each Event as they occur... to indulge my need to match my mood Events will be taking place in somewhat random order.
The Medals
I am VERY motivated by rewards and what would the Olympics be without the medals? Watch for some fun giveaways during the next 2 weeks. As far as rewarding myself I have a few things in mind... but I need to think through my criteria for Gold, Silver or Bronze. After all, it takes a lot of work to earn an Olympic Medal of any color!


  1. Your stash is a b it makes me want to go shopping!!! Great post!

  2. What a fun post and a great idea. Can't wait!

  3. Well, this sounds like way more fun than cleaning up all the crap I have in e sewing room. ;) Miss CC wants to know if there's a medal for most annoying kitten in the sewing room.

  4. You have soooo many events! What a great plan to have an organizathon. I feel motivated already. However, I don't think I have a chance sorting out my temporary sewing room.I may have to tackle the clothes wardrobe first. Good luck and I will be checking back often to see the medal tally.

  5. Sign me up for Bin Clearing and Space Managing!

    ...and here I thought I'd be skipping the winter olympics this year ~

  6. Definitely a fun way to plan and prioritize. I have a binding started on a large quilt that will get me through some of the evening Olympic events. And I just pulled out a stash drawer to organize this afternoon while I watch some events.

  7. Great post and what a fab way to motivate yourself! Good luck with going for gold :)

  8. I think I need to go back to category lists after reading your post. I did really well on it a couple years ago but have been floating around without and end goal for awhile.

  9. How fun! Good luck in your organising endeavours - looking forward to seeing the big reveal.

  10. I will enjoy following along as your work through your Olympics Organization. I often seem to be organizing one area or another of my quilting space. Lately I've been going through my all started with the desire to get one 1.5" square from each fabric I've cut into over the past three years of my quilting journey for a postage stamp quilt. A simple idea that has my room a mess, and wishing I had more unique scraps! Best of luck on your organization journey.

  11. I too need to follow your organisation plan and what a great idea splitting everything into categories and working through each one as time allows. I'm looking forward to following your progress!

  12. what a great idea :-) Good luck on getting it all sorted - your stash is huge!!

  13. Wow you have a lot of stuff! What a great way to motivate yourself to get organized!

  14. This is such a fun post--very creative, combining your desire to reorganize and your attention to the Olympics. Good luck, and let the games begin!

  15. Maybe you could add a new project based on the Sotchi quilty outfits? You seem to have enough different fabrics to pull it off!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  16. This is great! Love your event lineup and look forward to your scoring big in here.

  17. So much fun! Make sure you are wearing the right outfit and gear for each event! I am sure you will medal! I'll be cheering you on!

  18. What a creative way to organize!! Hope you go for the Gold and win!!! thanks for including the rest of us. Maybe this might motivate to also clean up!

  19. This actually sounds like fun. I enjoy re-visiting things sometimes. It keeps my quilting mojo going.

  20. You are a riot! I was LOL'ing for real!

  21. What an inspired idea, you clever thing! I will be cheering you on while I watch the Sochi version. I have hand quilting that I will do while watching in the evenings. Go for Gold!!

  22. I'll be in the cheering section :) Have fun!

  23. what a great idea to have your "own Olympics" I know you will earn gold all around. thanks for sharing the article on the flags. I love them and wish I could get one of those jackets.

  24. Love your post! Great idea to tie it in with the Olympics. I may steal your theme from this. I'll credit you of course.
    I can hear Bob Costas interviewing you now!

  25. This is such a fun way to organize ... :) Pat

  26. Love this! What a fabulous idea. Yes, a little at a time.... Bit by bit... You can do it!


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