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Event #1: Magazine Culling

I had so much fun reading the comments from yesterday's post kicking off my Olympics Organizathon... and I'm glad to let you know that the 1st Event is underway! But before I get into that, I found THIS great article this morning while I was searching to learn more about the beautiful flags at Sochi and wanted to share it with you.
Image from
Here is an excerpt:

In the concept design, every patch was infused with the history and personality of traditional crafts from each of Russia’s 89 regions: in a single tapestry we combined Uftyuzhskaya painting and Vologda lace, Gzhel and Zhostovo painting, Kubachi patterns and the flowers of Pavlo Posad shawls, Mezenskaya painting and Khokhloma, Yakutsk patterns, fabrics of Ivanovo and other distinctive Russian patterns. That is how we arrived at a modern, distinctive and unmistakeably Russian Look of the Games.”

Isn't that interesting? I think they are just gorgeous!

Today I am going to mix in some Slow Sunday Stitching with Day 1 of Magazine Culling. I've got the Swoon block completed on my Quilty Stitches Sampler Along hosted by Corry@Little Miss Shabby. All I can say is fun, fun, fun!
I've decided that each block will have red & aqua in it and I will be adding in other colors as I go. I'm debating between the two shades of orange or the yellow for next block. It's not too late to dig out your floss and join in the fun!
I neglected to show you The Olympic Village (AKA family room) in yesterday's post. This is the hub of my organizing efforts. My quilting room is located to the right and the laundry room is behind me in this photo so it's pretty convenient to pull things out here to work on in prime view of the TV. To the left you can see my hand stitching chair next to the window and a bit of my OTTLite for nighttime work.

Event #1: Magazine Culling
My table is set for the Preliminary Rounds of Magazine Culling. This Event will require many decisions to be made! Staying hydrated will be important and I have both electronic (iPad) and old fashioned tools ready as needed. Magazines have been pulled from multiple locations and stacked up into teams by type.
My objective at this stage is to page through each magazine noting Projects Of Interest (POIs) and categorize them. As you can see... at various times over the years I have done this with my older magazines using at least 3 methods of identification. I suspect some of these notations will no longer be of interest! 
To prepare for the Finals of Magazine Culling I will need to come up with a plan to track POIs and find a home for the magazines I'm keeping. I'm also contemplating using my scanner (I have a hard time ripping out patterns!) if there are just a few pages I want in an issue. How do you store your magazines? Please leave me a comment and share what works for you.

I'm linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching@Kathy's Quilts.


  1. All the decoration and handicrafts magazines I keep them in boxes in my bookcase according to title and then according to date of issue. I am putting some little stick-on paper like a bookmark on the articles of interest! In the past I had done the Magazine Culling with my cross stitch magazines. I tore off all the pages(It hurts even saying it) I wanted and put them in dossiers according to theme (Christmas, animals, butterflies, cottages,the sea, smalls, etc). The truth is it really works. When I want to do cross stitch of something in particular I choose the theme dossier and only look at those patterns. Still you need space and patience to do all that. You never know though if a pattern you think you will never make now won't attract you to make it in future, do you?
    Are all your magazines quilting/sewing magazines?

  2. I go through my magazines when I can't sleep at night, but too tired to actually read. I keep a stack on my nightstand. If there are lots of interesting projects/tips/info I'll keep the entire magazine. Otherwise, I'll copy a page or two and discard the rest, in which case it goes to our guild's flea market.

    Very Useful Box makes a box that is good for magazines. Its the 19L "letter" size. They're a little pricey, but their straight up and down shape makes them a perfect fit with no wasted space.

  3. I store my magazines in stacks in the basement... I need to cull too. Maybe next year! LOL
    Love your Swoon block! Thanks for linking up and sharing your project at Slow Sunday Stitching!

  4. I ripped out the patterns that I loved and put into plastic sleeves and they went into a binder. Now I have a binder full of patterns I LOVE rather than hundreds of magazines that take up space. I put the culled magazines on the free table at my guild.
    Works for me!!

  5. Ditto - I do exactly what Paulette has described. I save the few projects I really want to make and put them in binders. I also took the magazines to guild to give away one month and was happy that they all found new homes.

    Your cross-stitch project is going to be so cute.

  6. I pull mine out, then put them in page protectors in a 3 ring binder.

  7. Oh scanning-what a fabulous idea!

  8. I will be following this thread in hopes of refining my method. I recently went through magazines and tore out the ones of interest and gifted the others. Scanning is a great idea (not sure it would pass copyright), but I didn't want to take the time. Make sure you save/copy any templates. I forgot to do this with one pattern. After I copied, I created binder categories. PM me if you want to know more about my categories.

  9. Rosemary B here:
    I love the colors of this Olympics in Sochi. I love all of the history of Russia and all of the artistry. These banners are lovely.
    You are all ready, I know you will be successful in your quest for achievement of this mighty task.
    I have magazines, I have not made any decisions on what I love, so those I save. I also have pages and projects saved and filed as others do there, in the plastic sleeves and filed in notebooks. So I have a lot of notebooks.
    Your family room is SO COZY and inviting. I love the wood paneling.

  10. Good luck in the Magazine Culling category. This is a very tricky sport that requires ruthless introspection ("will I REALLY make this?") and attention to detail ("didn't I save this pattern already?") but I can see you've prepared well for the task at hand. I'm hoping you get a gold in this event!! Personally I'm a page-ripper-outer and then I chuck the skeleton of the mag into the recycle bin. I let the papers mellow for a week or two and then review them, throwing out everything that I really won't make. It leaves me with very little paper left to organize.

  11. The last time I participated in this sport, it required a sports psychologist to coach me back from the brink. I set my heart on gold and missed by a wide margin. I took my saved patterns, and yes, it was hard but I did rip them out (and don't forget to get the templates from the insert pages) and stuffed them into the page protectors. Scanning works too but the scans join another big group of "some day" projects hidden away on my computer hard drive. No shortage of inspiration but I have come to notice what draws me to patterns, in the designer's style, fabric choices and favourite blocks. So there are lots of repeats when I see the trends. A job for another day! (Hence the need for the psychologist.)

  12. My magazines are in a cubby hole in my sewing room. I have way too many but I paid good money for them. When they are a few years old, if I haven't sewn from them, off they go to the thrift store. Sad, I know

  13. I rip them out and load them into page protectors in 3 ring binders. I do try and have a few categories of easy, triangles, squares, applique and accessories. At first I did a page protector for each page of magazine but now I just put all the pages for a project into one sleeve. I have several binders full but I can quickly get inspiration or find a project I want to work on.

  14. The patches showing up at Sochi is awesome. Like your cross stitch quilty. I may consider, but I have 4 projects currently. Lol. Keep us posted on your magazine sorting.

  15. Your cross stitching is coming out lovely! I noticed that you do a diagonal stitch on the 1/2 stitches. Corry does not and her's look fine. I am accustomed to your method but mine seem to be bulky when two half stitches meet...and yours looks great. Any secret? Thanks!

  16. I last culled magazines when we moved to our current house, five years ago. I haven't really even looked at them in that time. Those five years have seen so many advancements in digital availability. I get inspiration from blogs and window shopping online now. I don't even buy magazines. However, I do need to go through and cull again. I love the Sochi flags too. Thanks for sharing the info about their meaning and significance.

  17. Simple answer: I rarely buy magazines. The only ones I keep are a random collection of Quilting Arts magazines, and there
    Rye stored chronologically in a cardboard magazine holder. All old magazines that are given to me, I look through and discard as quickly as possible. This new strategy has come about since we moved in April when I gave away dozens and dozens of art magazines; and WM gave away an unbroken collection of Australian Geographic magazines (about thirty years worth) because the library wouldn't take them -- they only deal in e-mags now!

    I am currently reading your blog from this point forward in order to catch up with your life over the months I've been out of the blogisphere! Forgive me if I don't comment much, there's a lot to read and I will read every post till I finish! My own personal marathon, if you like! See you at the finish line! LOL


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