Monday, February 3, 2014

February Goals

It's a short month to begin with and one of my favorite things is starting in just a few days so I've been going back and forth with my goal setting.
I am a total Olympics Junkie and have been since childhood. I love everything about the Olympics - the athletes, the glimpses into life in another country, the opening & closing ceremonies and of course the actual events. And now that you can watch endless hours on multiple TV channels and online that means I might as well list enjoying all things Olympics as my February goal!

With the help of my DVR I'll be able get some sew time in (and skip past those repetitive commercials)... I could also wheel a sewing table out into the family room for more if I choose to. But I've decided to pare down my goals to emphasize the if I choose to instead of feeling like I should.

My goal for A Year of Lovely Finishes is to sew down the binding on Minnesota HotDish which I've been saving for Olympic viewing time.
My 2nd large goal that I've been planning for Olympics watching hours is to sort through my stash, my craft closet and my craft books/magazines. I figure it will be the perfect time to pull out a bin, a stack of fabrics or a magazine holder and sort through it. Most of this is stored in my laundry room which is adjacent to the family room where I'll be perched. Perfect!

I'll take some before and after shots to share as well as my process for scraps and storage ideas. The pic above is old but it looks about the same today. Partly organized... partly chaos. I haven't touched some of these fabrics in years so am looking forward to this actually. I want to put some together some kits matching up fabrics with projects from my Make Someday list, set those aside and reorganize the rest.

I'd also like to finish 2 more UFOs from my FAL (Finish-A-Long) list in February - one this week and one the week after the Olympics is over. These are likely candidates for Something Old.

For Something New I would like to finish my Valentine's Day Plus quilt and the February pillow for the Pillow Pop Sew Along on Threadbias which is a scrappy Chevron. I have some bonus triangles I'm thinking about using.

The color of the month for RSC14 is pink. Since pink isn't a part of my ROYGBIV chevron project I'll just be sewing Angela's sampler blocks.

I'm going to make March all about FMQ (and March Madness!). By then I'll be totally sick of winter and ready to sew, sew and sew some more!


  1. The Minnesota Hotdish quilt is one of my favorites that you've shown. Love the colors and the design. I'm also an Olympics junkie and have also saved some hand sewing to do while watching in the evenings. I do have a very small TV in my sewing room so I can watch a little while I sew too.

  2. I love that quilt. Have fun watching the Olympics xx

  3. Love your plan to use television time to sort through your stash! Good luck with your February goals.

  4. Yes! The Olympics are super fun and there will absolutely be enough commercial time to work through sorting tasks! Excellent plan!

  5. Your stash is impressive! Have fun organizing

  6. I love your "choose to" attitude. Quilting should be fun.

  7. Hey! I really like the idea of setting some projects aside for Olympic "watching". Thanks for the inspiration!!! V

  8. I like your idea. Choosing to do something instead of feeling like you have to. Enjoy the Olympics.

  9. I love the Olympics too, and thank you for reminding me to set my DVR. You've also inspired me to get out my magazines for a once-thru to see if I can purge any of them. My tastes have changed quite a bit, so some of those old projects I had earmarked to do, might not even be on my list anymore.

  10. You sound so organised. Good luck with your goals. They are all lovely quilts to work on.


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